Ode to Fall

It has happened. The baking mood has hit. It usually does this time of the year. I’m not really into cooking, but I do love to bake. I enjoy it and I like being creative with it. I’m sure somebody somewhere has probably come up with this already, but it popped in my head the other day. It kind of happened because I was searching blogs and someone was doing a candy corn contest. So I was kind of thinking of what I could do and this came to mind. I’m not putting it in the contest (I think it’s too late anyways). I just made them for my family to enjoy. Here are the candy corn cupcakes
Cupcakes as Candy Corn?
I just colored the white icing to be these three colors. I colored the batter as well to produce this effect
"Candy Corn" Cupcakes
I accidentally made too much orange batter, so I also made some pumpkin cupcakes
Pumpkin Cupcakes
That’s a pretzel for the stem.
Hope everyone else is enjoying the fall!
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