One of my Favorite Gifts

This Christmas has been super full of events. Lots of family things going on and we aren’t even done yet! My daughter will end up having 6 Christmas’ by the time it is all said and done. The girls are doing good though and I’m so proud of how they are hanging in there and bringing so much joy to our families. Our first Christmas time was just us (me, hubby, and kids). My daughter made this wonderful painting at preschool and gave it to us. I just adore it. I really like how it’s a fox (although for a while she was being silly and insisting it was a buffalo ;). It’s one of my favorite gifts this year. If you participate in the exchanging of gifts, did you receive one that is your favorite?

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    My favorite was an angel my 4 year old son made for us at school using his handprint and footprint. :). I have also been enjoying spending extra time with my husband and two kids! We’ve had three Christmases and will have one more in two weeks! I love the painting your DD did! What a special gift I’m sure you’ll cherish forever. :)

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