The Scribble Flower T-Shirt Tutorial

Scribble Flower Shirt Tutorial

Totally inspired by this sweater at Anthropologie.


When I saw the sweater I was reminded about a painting technique I did at a paint-your-own pottery store once in college. It was real simple and I figured I could achieve the same look on the sweater with using paint instead of chiffon fabric. I had no idea how this was going to turn out when I started, but I think it turned out fantastic!

What you need:
-A t-shirt (I would NOT suggest using a thin knit shirt. I think it would be hard to sew on unless you used a stabilizer underneath and had a free motion sewing foot). I found mine at Kohl’s for like $6.
-Fabric Paint
-Paint brush or sponge
-Sewing Machine threaded with black thread. Make sure you have a needle for knit fabrics in too.
-Plastic bag to go inside shirt to prevent paint from seeping through the back
-Optional: Sequins and Beads

1. Take your shirt and place a plastic bag (or more) inside the shirt. Make sure wherever you paint, the bag is underneath so the paint doesn’t go through to the other side.

2. Just put some paint on the shirt and spread it out in circle/oval kind of shapes with a paint brush or foam brush. I did my placement like Anthropologie’s sweater, but you can do it however you want. You might want to plan your look or just free style it like I did.

3. Let it dry (then, heat set it if it says too). Then if you like, doodle some flowers on the paint. Again, you don’t have to, but it might help. I suggest using a regular pencil since it will wash out. I doodled a few, but for most, I just kind of sewed without doing that. Don’t know what to do? Seriously, just doodle!!! Look at flowers around your house, the Anthro sweater flowers, artwork, etc. Maybe even have a kid doodle some for you.

4. Sew the flowers. *Note: At the beginning and end, hold the shirt in place and let the needle go in and out a few times to hold thread in place. This is just easier than sewing some then back stitching.* You will have to manipulate the shirt a lot, but once you get in the swing of it you will be done in no time.

Scribble Flowers

5. Optional: Hand sew on beads and sequins.

Scribble Flowers
Scribble Flowers

Now go out and where you fantastic new shirt!

Scribble Flowers
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  1. Teq says


    For those that don’t sew, you could just get a fine tip marker and just scribble on the shirt and then paint over it.


  1. […] This “Scribble Flower T-Shirt” would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift and mom will love it.  This project can be done with children and I think they would enjoy giving mom an original tee shirt.  To get the tutorial for this beauty go visit Jessica host of “Happy Together” for a complete tutorial.  Jessica said is idea was totally inspired by a sweater at Anthropologie.  She sewed the scribble but you could also have the children scribble with a thin tipped fabric pen then paint over it.  This is amazing Jessica and I thanks you for sharing your tutorial. […]

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