Orange Rings and Other Things

Orange Ribbon Rings

Allright everyone. I do believe I’m getting back on track with crafting and blogging now :) This post has not much to do with the pictures, but they were made for a guest blog I did for Fiskateers. Super amazing group of ladies and I had so much fun doing it! Thanks to Angela for the invite. Their color is orange, so I whipped up three orange ribbon rings to share with them. Tutorial is here.

Orange and Brown

I had to take some time to help my daughter readjust to being back in Florida (we were in VA for quite some time). She misses everyone there a lot. She keeps asking to see people and go to places we went to while there and it’s so sad to see how upset she gets when I have to tell her they live too far away to see all the time.

Beads and Two Layers of Ribbon

I also have been cleaning up and organizing around here. A lot of “out with the old and in with the new” has been happening. I’ve also been working on two patterns, which are ever so close to being done, but just not quite yet ready for pattern testing.

Small Ribbon Ring

I’m also thinking of starting to official potty train my daughter. She kind of goes in the potty, but I’ll be honest. I haven’t pushed it at all. Especially with all of the traveling we’ve been doing this past year. But, I feel that she’s possibly ready now. She’s super smart, so I think it will come quick. Any advice?

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    We set up a system of rewards leading to a big reward. We started with a potty board which we allowed her to decorate with her own touch. Every time she went #1 she got 1 sticker, #2 got 2. When she got to 10 stickers she got a small toy (mostly little stuff from thrift store toy bins that I stuck in a bucket on top of the fridge so she could see it), when she was fully trained meaning no more pull-ups, we went and got a princess dress which was her choice for “intigration” into the potty using world. We wrote the goals down together on the board and she got to add the stickers, etc. It worked really really well, we had her out of pull-ups for the day except for bed and long trips fast.

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    I read the book, “How to Potty train in Less than a day”, followed to a T and the rest was history. We never used pull ups or any support at night. Once you start real underwear, I would never use diapers/pull-ups again. I think it’s confusing to them if you do.

    Good Luck. I potty trained a boy (age 2.5) with developmental delays and who never minded a dirty diaper. I thought it would never work but the book helped and by the afternoon we were home free!

    Have confidence in yourself! XOXO

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    for potty training, don’t get discouraged by setbacks… my 2 year old is going back and forth between going all day strong, and having accidents all day. We used a daily reward if she went all day with no accidents… seems to work. Good luck!

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    Get a small potty if you don’t have one, and have her sit on it every time you go. Then put her on the big potty facing backwards every time you change her. Backwards is much easier because they can hold on to the toilet seat, and it’s much easier to get on and get off that way. AND it’s harder to fall in. Also, when I put my daughter on facing forwards, she kept leaning forwards to watch and fell off on her head several times. The little potty is nice because you can drag it around the house, so have her watch a movie sitting on it, and so forth.

    Me personally, I alternated between rewards and punishments. From sternly disappointed to wet pants, to elated and candy and juice boxes for going in the potty, but you can try what works for her.

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    Potty training advice! I have three potty trained younguns, so I’ll tell you what I did. I read “Potty Training in Less Than A Day” and gleaned from it. It doesn’t take less than a day, it really takes a few months, but the technique was good, I thought. On day 1 you camp out in your kitchen or wherever has a waterproof floor, take off her diaper, have a potty on the floor, and give her LOTS to drink! Watch her like a hawk, and everytime she starts to go, pick her up and put her on the potty. After a while she should get the point. Although with my first boy I only had to pick him up once, after that he walked over there himself! I did this for the first half of the day for three days, then after that I left the potty in a good location for him to get to quickly, then let him wear his underwear around the house. Give her a little lesson on pulling the underwear up and down when she has to go. For the “dirty’s”, I just watched him and didn’t let him out of my sight for long, and whenever he started going, I would walk him over to the potty, take down the underwear, and sit him down. This is a messy process no matter what you do! I hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions!

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    I have a 2 year old boy. I potty trained him this last week. I know boys are different than girls, girls are supposed to be easier. Anyway, all I did was take off his diaper and leave the bathroom door open with his stool and toilet ring close by the toilet. The first day he only had one accident. There were times when he just didn’t want to go pee in the toilet and we let him use the shower. More relaxing I guess. After three days being naked and seeing what happens when you don’t go in the potty we started putting underwear on him. He’s had a total of 5 accidents since we started. He’s been wearing a pull-up at night, but not using it and I have him take it off right when he gets up. I know not everyone can do this. We have stained concrete floors so clean up isn’t that big of a deal. Kids do NOT like wet underpants so when they wet themselves, let them wear them for a minute so they can actually feel it. NOT as punishment, I would just say “Christopher do you feel that? That’s the pee-pee that’s supposed to go in the toilet. Let’s put some new underwear and next time we can try and use the potty”. Today is the first day of being fully clothed and he hasn’t had any accidents! Good luck! -Jami

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    Gorgeous rings!

    Potty training. I waited until my kids were waaay ready and it was a breeze. I used sticker charts and they got to pick out a very small toy at the local Walgreens or Target. If you try and try and try and find she is stressed out and you are getting frustrated. Give it a rest and try again in a month. They develop so quickly in these early years a month is a huge time frame developmentally. Good luck! Hope it goes well!

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    Sweet little orange rings!

    About the potty training thing…when my younger daughter showed interest in the potty, I would casually say, “I’m going potty, do you want to come?” That way, she saw what I was doing and sometimes would go after me. The biggest thing is to not make it a big deal…no pressure.

    I also found that putting fun soap at the sink helped, too! : )

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    I want to be first in line to be a pattern tested this time. I don’t even know what it is, but I’m in line. ;)

    Als0- my thoughts on potty training (I’ve done one boy and one girl)….. Both my kids trained at 24 months. My boy was easier than the girl, but i hear most peeple was otherwise. I know not everyone has such as easy time, but don’t give up once you start. I think sometimes waiting too long is a problem and kids can be lazy and resist being trained. I feel like at 2 they are usually eager to please and love to preform for a little reward. With both we had a potty chart and they got a sticker on the chart for each successful trip. When the charts were full (like 25) we took it for a special treat. Bribery at it’s best. It was usually something that I would have taken them to do anyway but we took the chart with us and made a big ordeal out of it. I think it’s a lot of parent training at first. The parents need to be disciplined to follow through. Every 30 minutes (or 20 or 40, whatever you decide) the parent has to stop what thier doing (errands, cooking dinner, etc) to get that kiddo to the potty. For mine, it took a few weeks before it was them that said they had to use the potty. Until then, It was me saying- we’re going to the potty. If you ask them, they usually say no- don’t ask. Also, to get started, we had to move the potty into the living room and sit during a short video. It distracted my DD enough that she would go. Plus, if you’re going to have to sit there with them and read stories, no one want to be stuck in the potty room. Then we moved the potty back into the bathroom once it was more about getting in there and doig what needs to be done. anyway- each child is differnt. I hope something i said might help at least a bit.

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    My son Is ONE. We already go number two on the pot, when I take him that is… I think for number one, I’m just gonna start taking his diaper off and let him let me know when he has to go… It may work or go VERY bad lol. I’ve heard of this method before (but not for girls?), and some would say it makes them potty train faster!! We’ll see, just a thought?

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    I am a momma of 6… my advice… stickers and m&m’s. My kids will do ANYTHING for a sticker and a few m&m’s :) make a cute chart, hang it on teh back of the bathroom door and after so many successful potty missions… NEW PANTIES! good luck! Don’t stress out, she will do it when she is ready! (I thought my daughter would be coming home from high school for a diaper change, I amhappy to report that she is a 9th grader and does it all by herself :) )

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    no-pants would be my best advice! My daughter was way smart enough but totally unwilling to potty train. Wetting her pants aggravated her but that’s it. But then when I let her run around half naked with the potty in the livingroom, she potty trained herself in one day. She still has her ups and downs, after the initial novelty of peeing in the potty wears off accidents can start to happen again, but for the initial hup-two it seems like half-naked works best for a lot of people!

  13. g'anna says

    Potty training was a breeze in our ouse with the 1st one. (a boy) I got a baby bjorn potty 10 dollars.. the small un-fancy one and in white to match our potty. Then I just would put him on it when I used the potty. He could read or sit there. Then he started using it to go #1! at 16 months old. Then around age 2 he would go #2. I was not sure what the next step was…how to get him out of diapers. We used cloth so it didn’t cost me anything to keep him in them… but around 2 years 7 months I asked him – do you want diapers today or under wear? and he said under wear and that was the end of diapers- during the day. I read to give them a choice and if they choose diapers just put them on them. If they change their mind let them do that too.

    I also noticed that he was holding his urine along time. When I would go to change his diaper he would be dry after hours. So I thought he might be ready. I also sang a potty song to him. (it was corny and I made it up) I also let him run around naked alot so that he could run to the potty and not have to worry about clothes.

    I also showed him how to dress himself at the same age and he was not interesed the first time. Then I waited about 2 weeks and tried again and he was interested. So he was dressing himslef and using the potty at 2 1/2. It was helpful since I had a new born. We also read alot of potty books. like “once upon a potty” and “no more diapers for ducky”. good luck. I also had friends have luck with the book “diaper free before 3″. Your daughter sounds alot like my son. spirited and has trouble relaxing for sleep! good luck…. and check you local library for books so you cab see if you like them.

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    Love the rings! For potty training, we just went cold turkey at 25 months for both the girls. No more diapers(except naps and bed). It was a couple weeks of A LOT of accidents but then they were both completely potty trained. It worked well for our family. Good luck! You can do it!

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    Hi I just discovered your blog and have really enjoyed reading it (been on here hours!! – hasn’t your daughter grown! She is gorgeous and so lucky to have a mum like you) You are very talented and your photography is inspiring too.

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    Like Beachbrights said in the second comment, we used “How to Potty Train in Less Than a Day”. My mom used it on me and my brothers, and I have used it on two kids (boy and girl), about to use it on our third. It is fantastic. You have to follow it exactly. Read through the book so you know what you need to do and then go for it.

    Don’t take the leap until you are ready to stick with it. Kids wont take it serious if they think they can just go right back to diapers.

    I love the book and the program. It is also highly recommended by Dr. Spock, who although he is old school, knows his stuff. You should be able to find it at your local bookstore or online.

    Good luck.

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