Organizing the Fridge

I totally took advantage of the vast amount of school supplies available now for this little project.

I'm organizing the fridge!

I had wanted to tidy up our refrigerator. I love having photos, artwork, etc. on the fridge, but it was looking kind of messy.

What I used

So I bought some wooden rules and a roll of adhesive magnet strip. I already had the clothespins, paint, glue gun, and the other little things (paint brush, etc.) needed to make this.

The back magnet strip

I took apart the clothespins and painted them. Once they dried, I put them back together.
Then I stuck on the magnet strips. Mine had an adhesive back to them, but one kept falling off so I had to hot glue that one on. Then lastly, I hot glued on the clothespins making sure to spread them out evenly.

Organized photos

Now my photos are organized.

Organized Artwork

And so is my daughter’s artwork (which we change out a lot).

This is "Eva" from Wall-e

I had to share one of my favorites. This is “Eva” from Wall-e. Doesn’t she do a good job? She draws the little floaty arms and blue eyes! I love how she picks up on details!

Anyone else using school supplies to create something new?

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  1. says

    What a great idea and such a cute picture that your daughter drew. I remember when my kids were that young, I wanted to hang everything!

  2. says

    Never a dull moment on your blog – I love it – just happened over here fr an @thisiscarrie tweet + I love it – can’t imagine how I missed it all this time!

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