Our Week (Insta-Style)

Okay. So we have hit the point of when baby decides to get bigger and starts to get into everything and constantly keeps my on my toes. I knew this day was coming! So, I wanted to start a little weekly post with instagram photos from the week in case that is all I get to do ;) I know a lot of people do this already, so I’m just joining in!

Not too much creating going on, but I did make this mr and mrs garland to go on our bedroom door and……
I got the triangle quilt put together, quilted, and am now slowly hand sewing the binding on. This is a second one as the first just didn’t work out to my liking. I will be sharing how I made it too :)
I tried to get the girls outside as much as possible this week too. You know. Before it gets too hot. It’s already in the 90’s here, but I know it will get even worse.
I really love seeing miss J explore nature and find newly growing things…like mushrooms.
The heat calls for the occasional ice cream treat,
lots of yummy fruit,
and seafood.
My hubby had put together a little garden box for us and we planted some seeds.
They are growing and I can’t wait to see what vegetables and flowers we get!
In the meantime, I will happily enjoy the little flowers miss J brings to me.
My mister and I got on a date. This was my outfit.
And we hit up a book store. These two books came home with me :)
(The little stinker who just keeps on getting into things she’s not suppose to. Like her sisters toys.)

We ended the week with a Coast Guard morale event at a park that was out out out in the country. Fun times! I stopped at many fields so the girls could see the cows/horses/donkeys/etc. All in all a good week full of adventure. Here is to a great weekend!

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    • says

      Yours looks fab! It is a very popular design going around now for sure. It’s for my friends baby and she sent me pics of what she wanted and I tried to make it just the way she wanted :) I ended up scrapping the first one I put together. I’ll take a break from triangle quilts for a while ;)

  1. says

    Lots of happy moments there… That quilt top is looking pretty marvellous and you have made me just a smidge hungry looking at the strawberries and icecream. And Girl, Look. At. You!!! If I could make this comment sound like a wolf whistle I would! LOL

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