Our Week (insta style)

A bit late this week with this, but still done :) We ended the week with a lovely day at our friend’s pool. Miss E wore her new sunnies I got her. Gotta love the $2 sunglasses sale at the Children’s Place!
We did end up making our first batch of donuts on our new donut maker this week. We were pleased with them, but are excited to try other recipes.
We had a lovely visitor in our front yard one morning. So every morning after that as we went on our bike ride, miss J looked for the turtle. Needless to say, we haven’t seen it again.
Had some good family time here and there. It’s so nice when we can all to together.
Miss J is still making art every day. Our kitchen table is always covered with it. I was really impressed with her creativity here. I was cutting some fabric and she asked if she could have the scraps. Then she went off and made Peter Pan. She has a thing for that movie at the moment.
I had planned on a new dinner recipe for the week, but when I went to make it I didn’t realize we were out of some of the ingredients. So the new recipe of the week is actually a bread. Zucchini coconut bread to be exact (recipe here). It’s yummy! I did some of the substitutions like commenters suggested (I used brown suger and honey instead of white sugar, added a bunch of flax seed, and used olive oil instead of vegee oil). It’s a good way to get good stuff in the little ones.
Not much crafting was able to get done, but I did finish up two dresses for J that had been sitting ready for a long time.
I also received a package with my first ever paper straws! I plan on using them on the 4th of July.
Speaking of the 4th, I love seeing all the red/white/blue decor that is starting to adorn the city.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and live your dreams!!!!! See you on Monday! The rest of June will be full of posts from me as I finish up lots of things, have some product reviews, and then take it real slow the rest of the summer with just a few posts here and there. What can I say, I want to enjoy the time with my family and not worry about blogging.
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