Our Week (insta-style)

It seems as if my Friday post of our week has turned into a Saturday post :) At least I have good reasons why. This week went by fast. The girls and I were busy prepping for Fathers Day things and just all the stuff we normally do. I tried out my first ever jam recipe and canned it! It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do more. I used this recipe here which only used strawberries, honey, lemon juice, and the pectin. I couldn’t believe how much sugar most of the normal jam recipes called for. It was more on the tart side, but everyone here liked it. My big girl eat a ton of it and the jar I kept for us was gone in a day and a half. The cute tag was a printable I found here. And I so think I now need to get this t-shirt.
I also tried out two new recipes this week, but only snapped a pic of one. I made zucchini chips with the extra one I had from making the bread last week. If you like zucchini, you will like these :) Recipe here. I also tried out honey lime chicken using this recipe but used chicken tenders and cooked them on a little George Foreman-esque grill. They were good.
The garden is continuing to grow and we discovered one of the other fruit trees in our yard is a lime one. It is full of little teeny tiny ones. I guess I’ll have to find some recipes to use them in when they are ready to be picked.
I got a quick thrifting trip in and found this vintage tapestry piece. I plan on making a purse or two with it. Totally inspired by Anna Maria Horner’s needlework incorporated into purses like here.
This girl wanted to share this silly pic of her because well, she can be silly ;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you are celebrating Father’s Day, may it be a grand one!
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    I am SOOOOO going to try that zucchini thing!! I have several of them sitting here right now. No one else likes the things but me, unless it’s in bread!

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