Our Week (insta-style)

Is it really the weekend already? I can’t believe it. It was an eventful one for us, as it should be with two little ones ;) Let’s begin shall we? I bought myself those pretty tulips at the grocery store this week. Yes. I had a “treat yo self” moment. I do say, I think that is one of the best things to come from Parks and Rec so far. It always makes me laugh. (you can see here and here for two snippets from that episode if you haven’t seen it).
And I know I’m probably the last person to try these sparkling fruit drinks, but I finally did. Kroger has a bunch of them on sale 10 for $10. It’s all natural with no added sugar. I do believe these will help me completely kick soda from my life as it gives me that kick I like. 
I started a crochet project even though I have many other things that should be done before it. I just needed something I could do here and there when I needed some relax time with some yarn and a hook. I actually already finished up this skein and 1/3 done with the project :) When I get going, I get going.
Hubby got himself a saw for Father’s Day (don’t worry, I got him stuff too, but obviously not as cool as this;). Him and miss J made a bird feeder which now sits outside our kitchen window. I’ll do a post next week with more details, but it was really cute watching them do this.
While my mister was on a wood kick, he put up a wood swing for J to swing on. The vines she would swing on would break from time to time, so this would be more sturdy. She was trying to figure it out here.
My sweet little E. Baby girl is getting her top two front teeth in right now and is up and down with her mood due to it. Not to mention waking up a ton at night. All mama wants is a few hours in a row, okay sweetie? At least I know it all passes very quickly :)
I got a book about soap making and miss J wanted to make some. The recipes in the book are intense and not something a kid should be involved in, so we made super easy soap. She wanted it to be shaped as frogs and turtles and plans on bringing them to Virginia the next time we come. To share of course.
I did a few new recipes this week as well. My fave was this (California Pizza) Taco Pizza recipe from Pioneer Woman. Yum. Yum. Yum. We have no Cali Pizza here, so this satisfied that craving. I also tried the knock off Chili’s salsa recipe. It was good. Didn’t taste quite like Chili’s, but close and good none the less. Made this carrot coconut bread which reminded me a lot of the zucchini bread, but yummier with the icing. 
Laughed at the mischievousness of this one. When does school start agian? ;) lol
Met some new friends this week too! First new friend was a blog reader and her wonderful children. Hi Amy :) We had a lot of fun with you guys! Had dinner with friends too and even went to a party. Now I’m a bit behind in some obligations, but tonight will be my catch up time. Hopefully. Here is to being productive, or just relaxing!

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    I’m so glad you took a chance on us and came out! I really had fun too. I certainly want to hit the beach for some seashelling. PERFECT for craft projects! In the next 2 weeks–got it??

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