Our Week (insta-style)

Our week. What a week. Well, we started it off with a pajama day. We do those every so often and it’s so wonderful. Our previous weekend had been so full of activities my little ones and I just needed to rest.
I played the “use what is in the fridge to make dinners” game so there wasn’t too much new cooking going on. But I did try making hasselback potatoes for the first time. They are yum. It’s like a fry and a chip in one because the outside is crispy but the inside is soft. 
We ventured out in the very hot heat to the Lake just to walk around and explore. We found an alligator topiary,
lots of ducks,
and very pretty blooming crepe myrtles. 
I had my mom send me my old American Girl books and miss J and I started reading them. She picked Samantha’s Surprise to start with. I think it’s because it was a Christmas one ;)
Whipped up a quick bunting for a baby present to send to a friend. It was nice to get some sewing done, even if it was just sewing felt triangles together.
I aslo bought my first floppy hat. Verdict? LOVE. I will be buying more. It’s so great for here in the sun and heat and I like the way they look too. I’m off to bed early tonight. Night!
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    My daughter is going into 1st grade and about halfway through this past school year I got my box of American Girl books down from the attic and to my surprise she can read them very well! The only problem is now she has made the connection between the books and the catalog we’ve been getting for years. We are going to the store next week for tea and to buy her very first doll! I think I am as excited as she is!

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    Samantha’s Surprise was the very first AG book that I read as a girl! Loving all of your “intsa-style” this week!

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