Pad Thai for 2 Please

The past few weeks I set a cooking goal for myself: try one new recipe a week. I choose to do this for a few reasons. One: I’m not really that into cooking. I don’t think it’s the actual cooking but thinking of all the cleanup afterwards that turns me off. Two: Hubby really enjoys cooking but can’t really at this point. So I wanted to step up my game and create some more yummy options to present my hard working man with :) Three: I just need to learn more. It’s always fun to learn new things. and it always makes me feel good when I accomplish something new.

With that being said, last week’s recipe was for Pad Thai. There is an AMAZING recipe here on Use Real Butter. Now, I have tried to make Asian dishes before, but they just never come out quite like how I experience them at a restaurant. Well, let me tell you, this one tastes just like the pad thai I have had at Thai restaurants! And I wasn’t even able to use every single ingredient stated! So, I wanted to share the few little things I did different since some of the ingredients weren’t found in case you were in the same boat.

First off, I just didn’t even try to find the pickled turnips. I don’t think I even would have tried them if I had found them. Just didn’t appeal to me. It’s one thing to eat something and not know there’s a certain ingredient in it, but to know it’s in there…….. different. I also didn’t use the green onions. I decided against them because any time I have eaten food with any type of onion it really does not sit well with the baby (I’m nursing). So, I just didn’t go there this time. I also use precooked chicken, which made it faster. I always cook up a ton of chicken each week to have ready to throw into different dishes, so I wanted to use that up. I simply used a handful of chicken for each batch I made. (I did 2 all together).

 I also couldn’t find any rice noodles except what is in the above pic. Now, I could have gone to another grocery store or something, but with two little ones with short attention spans, it isn’t happening! lol. These noodles were precooked as well and I just had to throw them in. Well, more like squoosh them apart in my hand then throw them in. It comes with two little pouches in a package, so one whole package (both pouches) made enough for about 2-3 servings. That’s all I used because I did the two servings at a time thing the recipe states to do. After the first two batches I decided it was plenty for our little family.

Then the last thing I did was use a pre-made pad thai sauce I found at the store (see above pic/can be found here). I had found fish sauce but not tamarind paste, but I read the ingredients for this pre-made sauce and it had all of that in there. So, I didn’t even need to make the sauce! It was really quick to make and tasted oh so good. Have you tried a new recipe lately that came out amazing? Or not so amazing?

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    That’s great that you’re trying a new recipe a week. I love to cook but felt like I was in a cooking rut so I started meal planning and now I try to make at least one new thing a week. So far it’s going pretty good.

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    I’m finally getting back to cooking since my new baby girl was born in May — we were eating a LOT of spaghetti for a while there! I tried the squash/apple gratin recipe you can find on my pinterest board ( — once you click into the article, it’s the 3rd recipe listed) and it was pretty amazing. I looooove pad thai — glad you found some shortcuts that worked for you and your fam!

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    I boil mine, but it always comes out fantastic! I just started doing it that way because I would always make them dry when baking them. I always boil them for at least 1 hour and they are very tender. Maybe try cooking them in a crock pot in some chicken broth? That would cook them very nicely as well. Also, I always buy a big bag of frozen chicken to cook up. You get so much more for the price. Plus, you can throw them into the water or crockpot frozen.

    That looks yummy!

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    I am just recently returning to the kitchen after the birth of my sweet 3-month old. I have had a love affair with cooking since I got married but I couldn’t stand to be in the kitchen while I was pregnant…. now that I am back everything is new and exciting, but I think my favorite new recipe is a sweet potato-cauliflower gratin that I got from a magazine. It is fairly simple and my husband loves it (even though he is neither a fan of sweet potato or cauliflower) that is success in my book

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