Painting A Vintage Scale

Painting a Vintage Scale | happy together
As renters, we live in a world of brown and beige. Every time the Coast Guard has moved us I really look hard to try and find a rental that matches my desires in terms of design, but I have yet for that to work out. In the meantime, I am always on the search to add some brightness and color on a budget to said brown/beige covered houses. I was cleaning up Christmas stuff the other day when I looked at this vintage scale I had sitting on my kitchen counter. I had always liked the scale but it added to the blahness of the counters/back splash. It was time for some paint to liven it up and add some color.

Painting a Vintage Scale | happy together
I simply wiped down the scale really good with a wet paper towel and let it dry. Then I used the Americana Chalky Finish Paint to paint it with a regular paintbrush. I started with a small amount (probably like 3 tablespoons) of the paint in Everlasting. Then I added a few drops of Treasure and mixed it up. It was too blue for me, so I added some Refreshing until I got this light blueish with a hint of aqua in it. I painted on a really thin coat at first and let it dry. I liked how some of the rust still popped through but wanted a little more coverage so I added another thin coat. I liked the coverage and yet could still see just a tad bit of rust through so it still had an old appearance (hard to see in this photo). I left the face of the scale alone and didn’t worry about painting the places that were too hard to get to and weren’t seen. I also didn’t add a sealer because this will be inside and the chances of it getting wet are very little. I have to say that I have really come to adore the Chalky Finish Paint because there’s no sanding, no priming needed, it can paint just about anything, and dries really fast.

Painting a Vintage Scale | happy together Painting a Vintage Scale | happy together
I’m so happy with how it turned out and I’m happy to have been able to add some more color to my kitchen.


Painting a Vintage Scale | happy together

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  1. Andi says

    It turned out so cute! I love the pop of color it adds to the room. I’m going to have to look for that paint since I’ll be helping my sister with redecorating my niece’s room soon.

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