Peeps Chapstick Holder DIY

Peeps Chapstick Holder DIY

Happy Easter! Today was a full day for us and it began bright and early when my youngest discovered her Easter basket in my room. I had totally meant to hide it and give it to them later in the day, but that didn’t happen. They quickly went through their baskets to see what they had gotten. I like to keep their gifts simple, but I did make a special little chapstick holder to go in miss J’s basket.

I found these cute peeps chapsticks in the dollar bin at Target and got to thinking of making a holder for them to go in. I decided to use this as an opportunity to try cutting felt and iron on vinyl with my Cricut Explore. It went very well.

Peeps Chapstick Holder DIY

Peeps Chapstick Holder DIY To make this you don’t need the Cricut Explore to cut the felt, but I would suggest it for cutting out the teeny tiny words. Here are the supplies you need:

  • Yellow Felt
  • Iron on vinyl
  • 10″ of Ribbon
  • Key chain of some sort (you could even use just a simple round one)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or hot glue gun
  • Chapstick

Peeps Chapstick Holder DIY Start by cutting out two peep shapes from felt. I did a search in the Design Space and found this shape. I enlarged it until is was a width of 3.49″ and height of 3.4″. I could have simply cut this out myself, but I really wanted to see how the machine would do. I didn’t see the specific settings for felt, so I did a quick look at some of the ready to make projects in Design Space. I found one that used felt and changed my settings. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the proper mat (the strong grip), but it worked on my standard grip one. The felt did pop off the mat a little bit at one point, but the machine stopped for a bit as if to correct itself. I quickly pushed down the part that popped up and it kept cutting fine. I did read a tip that suggests if the felt does pop off like that to then tape the edges down.

Then you will need to cut the words out of the iron on vinyl. I used the font Nate’s ABC’s and it was size 39.68. Look at how tiny the letters the are! They cut out perfectly.

Peeps Chapstick Holder DIY Iron on your words according to the instructions.

Peeps Chapstick Holder DIY

Peeps Chapstick Holder DIY Fold a piece of ribbon through the key chain. I made mine a little on the longer side to be able to trim it. Sew (or glue) the ribbon together a little below the key chain.

Peeps Chapstick Holder DIY See where you want to put the ribbon inside the peep and trim the ribbon accordingly. Pin the felt pieces with the ribbon in the middle. Sew (or glue) around the edges and leave an opening at the top of the body for the chapstick to go into.

Peeps Chapstick Holder DIY And that is it. You could do this with all kinds of shapes and wordings. It would be a good older kid project too and could be personalized to their taste. My little favorite peep (miss J) likes hers and wants to make one herself now. I will let you know how that goes (if it goes at all lol).

Happy crafting! -Jess

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