Photo Tips: Paper Wooden Floor Prop

I have decided to start doing a few series here and there starting with Photo Tips. I’ll ever so often share little things I find out about photography that help me that might help you :) Today let me share what I just found:

Paper that look like wood floors!!! Isn’t that crazy? And you know what? They are super affordable as well. Here is one that is 48″ by 12″ for only $7.99. It seems that these are papers marketed as bulletin board backgrounds and all. A thread (mentioned further down) said you might even find some at Micheal’s in the teacher’s supply section). A while ago I had found a box of wood flooring that snaps together at a thrift store and bought it for only a few bucks. But, I do believe these would be a lot easier to manage than to put the floor together each time I need to.

*Note: After doing some research, it appears that the faux wood used in these pictures are not the actual paper like I read others were talking about. But, there are faux wood floor paper to buy, like in the link above, to use. I found this great post on Inspire Me Baby that talks about some of the different faux wood options, including using the paper. I even found a vinyl faux wood flooring (think banner like material) you can buy. No matter what, the paper is still a great inexpensive option to try out :)

Also, here is the good thread on Flickr to read on tips on other types of flooring that look like wood and all to check out. Good ideas!

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  1. Holly says

    I am still in shock that this is paper & so cheap, I have seen this effect in many professional pic’s but had no idea it was paper. Thank you so much for sharing, I am so excited to get some!

  2. says

    yes, I would just put it on the floor :) This isn’t a good idea for someone who would have a lot of foot traffic, but if you just need something for blog shoots or just for baby shoots it’s a great cheap alternative than buying some other things. If you were a “for business” photographer, I would recommend investing in something more sturdy though :)

  3. says

    You know, I did a little research and from what I can find those particular prints are actually printed on a rug type thing or vinyl paper. I was just going by what others were saying about it. So, I’m going to make sure to add that to the post for sure! But, the whole idea of using paper printed with that design is for real. I just found a really great article here that talks more about faux wood flooring: I apologize that I didn’t research the pictures used more thoroughly.

    • says

      Hi :) Unfortunately, I did not buy one (yet!). I really want to! So, I posted this when pinterest was kind of starting and didn’t realize that the pictures were actually pictures of a different type of flooring, they are more like rugs. But, you can find similar paper ones out there. If you follow the links above they can take you some of those places or it takes you to others blog posts where they discuss where you can find them. I apologize that I can’t be of more help.

    • Anonymous says

      For the person above asking if you can lay it on the floor, I would suggest going to Michaels and getting foam core board. It comes in sheets for like .85 per sheet and glue it onto the board. The board weighs nothing and is super portable! I have went to fabric stores and bought baseball themed, etc. fabric and done this and it worked great!!

  4. says

    Wow, thank you so very much for including our shop in your links for our much loved vinyl flooring and backdrops!! We really appreciate it!

    Kerri @ Custom Photo Props LLC

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