Photo Tips: Reflecting Light Indoors

This month has flown by fast! The little ones and I just got back from being in Virginia for 3 weeks. And we drove. It took two days each way and I must say my body is letting me know how exhausting it all was now. I am excited to get back into our “routine” :) Now, let’s start this week with some photo tips. Do you live in a house where the sun kind of comes in, but there really isn’t a super great spot to use it for picture taking?

Our house in Jacksonville was like that. But even now there are moments where I miss the time during the day when I need an inside pic and could use some extra light. Using a car windshield shade as suggested by Savor Photography (pic above) or even using tinfoil wrapped cardboard (like how this tutorial explains on Handmade Spark) can really help give a boost to your lighting. I know I have used a big piece of cardboard covered in tinfoil to help reflect light back on my daughter when taking pics inside. It really helped reduce shadows on the side the light was not coming in from and it brightened her up a little more in the pic.

And of course, it can really be helpful for taking pics for your Etsy shop or other things like that. Best thing? Both ways are really affordable to try :)

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  1. says

    Yay! Great tip. One of my friends is a professional photographer – but I have NEVER thought to ask him what I could use, I and don’t have one of his fancy schmancy reflector screens. LOL
    (Right now she thinks to herself “why did I not think of that?” – smacks hand on forehead.)

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