Pom Pom Tulle Skirt Tutorial

Side view
I wanted to make something with pom poms that my daughter could have (meaning, she can’t get to them to stick in her mouth; she still loves to put everything in there!). Due to this, the skirt idea came to me. She loved it. She kept playing with the pom poms and we kept going over all the colors. The only thing I wish is that I had made it “poofier”. Here is a little tutorial on how to make one too.

-Tulle or some other kind of see through material
-Pom poms
-Elastic (no wider than 3/4 in.)
-Matching thread to tulle for sewing machine (I use darker for illustration)

1. A) Take waist measurement and add 10 inches (Ex of my little one: 20+10= 30 inches wide)
**If you want it to have more poof, add more inches than this**
B)Take measurement of desired length and add 1.5 inches (Ex: 6 + 1.5= 7.5 inches length)
2. Cut one large rectangle that is (2 x length) by width. (Ex: 15 inches by 30 inches)
Pom Pom Tulle Skirt Tutorial

3. Sew the length sides together to form a tube. (From Ex.: the sides that equal 15 inches)
Pom Pom Tulle Skirt Tutorial

4. Fold in half lengthwise with the sewn seam on the inside.
Pom Pom Tulle Skirt Tutorial

5. Place pom poms in between the fabric fold.
Pom Pom Tulle Skirt Tutorial

6. Fold the opening top of the tube down 1.5 inches and pin in place to make the casing for the elastic.
Pom Pom Tulle Skirt Tutorial
(I forgot to take a before pic for this one, so it’s pinned down but #7 is done).

7. Sew around the top fold about 1 inch down (so elastic can fit it). Leave an opening to put the elastic through.
Pom Pom Tulle Skirt Tutorial

8. Thread in the elastic by attaching a safety pin to the end.
Pom Pom Tulle Skirt Tutorial

9. Sew elastic ends together.
Pom Pom Tulle Skirt Tutorial

10. Get elastic all in the casing and sew the opening closed. Trim off excess tulle from the waist seam if necessary.

Having fun in her skirt!

Which one next?

All done. Enjoy :)

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  1. says

    I have been meaning to comment here, finally am, I love this little skirt, how cute! I have a bag of poms that my cats dig into and bat around the room. I have seen this done with silk flowers, I think my daughter wore it for halloween one year. I just want to tell you how I love you crafty ideas, so refreshing! News flash, I have been selling more on etsy, I was beginning to think I was wasting my time, but it is picking up! talk to you soon

  2. says

    This just made me smile. I’m searching for a pattern for a friend and although this won’t work for her… it is a very fun idea and I just had to comment. :)

  3. says

    I just finished a second skirt. Thanks so much for this tutorial, it’s such a sweet little skirt. Fun to make and my girls both seem to have a lot of fun wearing theirs!

  4. says

    I think this skirt is sooo beautiful! My 14 month old LOVES eating pom-poms that her brother and I leave out, so I’m sure she’d wear this (and still try to eat them, I bet).
    Thanks so much for the great tutorial.

  5. says

    I’m stopping in from the crafty crow. I am dying over this project! I wish so badly that I had a girl to make this for. I’m not sure I am quite mean enough to force it on one of my two boys. I’m going to have to make a list of all the little girls I know. Thanks for sharing the how-to!

  6. says

    Okay… this is so darn cute!! I need to RUN to my sewing machine right now, and make one of these for my little girl for our Easter egg hunt Saturday. I love this!!! I’m totally featuring this on my Friday Faves post tomorrow. Thanks for the tut.


  7. says

    SOOOO CUTE;) I made one for my daughter, then made one for her doll to match with my left overs;) THANK YOU for this… adorable!!:) and EASY!! I am not much of a seamstress!!:)

  8. says

    I love this skirt. I just made one for my niece, but doubled over the tulle so it’s a little less see-through. I love it!

    After I get some pictures back of her in it (they live 8 hours away), I’ll be linking to your blog! :)

    Beth Anne.

  9. Heather says

    Hi there
    Just wondering if it would be possible to see the pictures that are no missing in this tutorial? I love this skirt the best from all the ones I’ve seen. Thanks!

    • Jessica says

      Hi :) Let me see if I can find them. This is from such a long time ago I might not have the pics anymore. I’m not sure why Flickr got rid of them as they are suppose to be on there forever. Thanks for letting me know about this. -jess

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