Preparing for Baby: A Car Seat Makeover

Last for this week is one of the hardest baby related projects I have done in preparation for baby’s arrival.


I finished this up a few months ago actually, but it took quite a few nights to get it all done. I used this guide by Ashley at Make It and Love It to go at it. I used a lot of the same fabric from the original cover but got rid of the stained fabric.


She does a great job of explaining how to do it all.


I even bought fabric from the home decor section so it would be more durable (like she did with some of. It’s still really soft and not thick, but you can tell it will hold up better.


Now, enjoy your weekend everyone! I’m starting it off with a big bowl of chocolate pudding and sitting on the couch with my big swollen ankles up on comfy pillows :) See you on Monday!

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    Wow. That looks amazing, i love seeing all the getting ready for baby posts. How fun. And enjoy your large bowl of pudding… : )

  2. says

    That’s one project I don’t wish to have to tackle. I’ve made some big kid car seat covers and they are only so-so. An infant carrier has to be good. You take it everywhere! It looks awesome!

  3. says

    I love watching all that you have made for Baby. I HAVE to know–are you using cloth diapers as well??? That is a whole ‘nother realm of sewing!!!! You would have a BLAST!!!!

  4. says

    Love your choice of fabric. It looks like a really challenging job – you did really well (So brave! lol).
    Enjoy your weekend! Go and make some memory moments with the 3 of you :)
    Love S&R xx

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    Oh nicely done! It looks great. I made one of those for my son’s carseat when i was 38 weeks pregnant…not so fun. It was the most stressful project I’ve made, too – I had no idea if it would fit until it was totally done! Luckily, it did. Never making one again!!

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    Thanks all! As for cloth diapering, I really want to give it a try. I have all these patterns/tutorials and I’m trying to figure out which ones to try. I might not get to it at first, but I plan on getting started with it at some point. We’ll see how long she stays in and lets me get some more stuff done :)

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    Did you keep all the original padding, or did that get changed too? Just wondering, cause you may have warranty/insurance issues if you ever have to make a claim. Anything aftermarket will void everything. Also, make sure the seat hasn’t expired. Otherwise, I love the fabric you chose, and you did an awesome job!

  8. says

    Hi Stacey :) Yes, I kept all the original padding and a lot of the fabric and binding. I am aware of all the “issues” or recovering a car seat. My manual says if it’s in a car accident the warranty is void period. So even being in original condition I wouldn’t be reimbursed or anything in that situation. Thank you for voicing your concerns in a polite way. I appreciate it :)

  9. Anonymous says

    The issue isn’t just the warranty. It’s that it wasn’t tested in a crash which could compromise the way the seat functions in an accident. How can you feel okay doing that?

  10. says

    Thank you ladies for all of your kind comments :) If you would like to know my personal reasons for this project, please feel free to email me at This isn’t a debate post, just a post on something I made. If you would like to debate, there are a ton of forums/threads out there for that, like the one you are visiting from. I do really appreciate your care and concern for babies. Keep it up :) And if you are interested in the debate on recovering car seats, at the end of the post of the tutorial I linked to is a ton of great information on the topic :) Have a fabulous day everyone!

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