Preparing for Baby: A Quilt

This week is going to be full of things that I have made for baby (whom I am patiently waiting on arriving). I found out at last weeks appointment I have already started to dilate, so it’s nice to know I’m at the end and will get to meet her soon. I keep telling her to stay in at least until after Sunday so I can have my oldest daughter’s birthday party. You see, their due dates are only 1 day apart, so they could even end up with the same birthday potentially. Wouldn’t that be wild!


The first thing I’m showing off is this baby quilt I made. It was super simple and I love how it came out. I used this tutorial from Oh, Fransson called Charm Squares Baby Quilt. I bought my charm squares off of Etsy. They are from Heather Bailey’s line, Nicey Jane. I also made this one without any batting since we live in hot Florida.


It took me forever to decide on fabric for the nursery. The room we are using for the baby room is this light blue (with an ugly darker sponged on blue over it; but thank goodness it doesn’t really show up in the pictures!). So I wanted it to match the blue walls. I had a hard time finding already made crib bedding with blue that was girly, so I had to make it.


I made the crib stuff too, but I’ll show all of that later.


This time I did the hand sewing on the binding, unlike last time on my daughter’s quilt. It turned out beautiful and I am so proud of myself :) It pays off to take your time on a project sometimes instead of rushing it.


I found a few other cute baby quilt tutorials that would be fantastic to try too:

Anyone else been making a baby quilt lately?

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    Just wanted to say that I am SO looking forward to seeing the rest of the nursery bedding, especially any tips you have on making a bumper. I just found your blog last week and have spent pretty much every single one of my son’s naps poring over your tutorials! Love everything here!

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    really pretty. I agree that you don’t need the batting inside living in the sunshine state. I have made one with a layer of flannel inside just to give it a little something in there without adding too much warmth. that was when we lived in FL too. We need extra batting in IN!

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    i love the quilt. and what a great idea to skip the batting to make it lightweight! And I love the new blog look, it’s beautiful, really, I’m going to poke around now and see all it’s goodness. :)

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    I just found your blog and I love it!! I am also happy to hear that you didn’t use any batting! My husband, 2 babies and I am super hot natured and we live in Texas so it’s similar to your hot muggy weather! I mentioned not using batting to a lady at the local quilt store and she thought I was crazy. Did you use nothing between the quilt? I thought about using a thin sheet.


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    Love the quilt! I just finished a baby quilt myself for a friend Also, you mentioned that you didn’t use batting, did you use anything between the layers or just a backing? Great job!

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    Beautiful quilt, she’ll adore it. In our family it’s all the rage to have birthdays on the same day (on my dad’s side at least) My uncles are 364 days apart, and my dad was born on my aunt’s 9th birthday (yeah, happy birthday, you know how you have 2 older brothers? Well congratulations, here’s a baby one lol) My granny and grandad’s birthdays were only a week apart too – mad!

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    Blog looks fab hun! I love the quilt!! So pretty! I’m half way done Harper’s baby quilt but she’s not a baby anymore…lol. I’ve been waiting to get my new machine so I could quilt it on that instead so I plan to get it almost done this month! Can’t wait for your new bundle of joy to arrive!

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    beautiful mitered corner on your quilt!!! just a fab job you did with that binding!!!

    congrats on baby coming real soon! that would be so neat to have same, same birthdays for your girls! :)

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    Beautiful quilt! I made a baby quilt recently that I did not put batting in. I’m in Texas so I have the same heat issues that you do. The other thing that was fun about it was that I could sew the top and bottom right sides together then turn it and quilt it, no binding required. I did it so I could add a crochet trim to the edge. it turned out well and I’m about to try another no batting quilt.

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    Love the quilt! For the quilting, did you just do straight lines? If you have any tips on that, I’d love some help! I’m working on a quilt right now, but am scared about quilting it!

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    Thanks everyone :) I used absolutely nothing inbetween the top and bottom. It makes hand sewing the binding a little harder because you have to be more careful about not poking the needle through both layers, but other than that, no problem at all. Using a flannel for the back would make it feel more soft if your little one likes soft feeling things. I did a baby clothes one for my daughter a long time ago like that. And yes, I just did straight lines. I have yet to buy a free motion quilting foot. On my list though :) For ideas, I just scoured the quilt flickr group for Oh Fransson to see how others did theirs. Many did straight lines and I felt like that would be the best for me to do too. Washing it gives it the fun crinkly look.

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    first off-love the new blog look. :) second-love the quilt!! i am working on right now too. they are my new obsession at the moment. and i cannot wait for this sweet baby to come!!! :)

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