Pretty Fall Headbands {from Shortcake1031}

Want to know one of the fun things of having two girls? Dressing them up! Oh how I love it. When I was younger, I was not girly. I was more into sports and things like that, but since having my first daughter my love for girly things has gone through the roof! What can I say? And these gorgeous headbands from Shortcake1031 fit the girly bill for sure!


My oldest has such an imagination and loves to accessorize and pretend to be different people and all. This week it’s been all about weddings. She’ll dress up as a bride, all fancy and such. So these headbands were so great to come in the mail this week. Now she just wants a purple wedding dress with pink polka dots (she’s a non-traditionalist).

The little one got a pretty headband too! Isn’t she just adorable? She’s so cute now a days with her smiles and cooing.

I have to say that Natalie, the creator behind Shortcake 1031, did such a great on these headbands. They are made very well and I highly recommend her stuff :)

My daughter would recommend them too.

She says they are beautiful!

I just had to take like a million pics of the girls. I can’t help it :)

I even got a super fun and pretty headband. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to take pics of us girls all together and the ones I took myself ended up being not great, but you get the gist of it ;)

You can check out Natalie’s headbands and all her other creations on her Facebook page. They are “One of a Kind Creations at a Price You Can Afford.” Thanks girl for the amazingness that is your creations!

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