A Pretty for My Neck

I adore things handmade. I cannot explain how much joy it is to receive something that is handmade. So, my excitement to receive this in the mail just put me through the roof!

I heart my new necklace!

Isn’t is lovely? It is a gorgeous necklace from one of my sponsors, Paige of Pink Lemonade.

Come Shop Pink Lemonade

She’s an awesome girl she is. I know I said it before in her intro post, but I’m just so super proud of her for going for her dream at such a young age! What an inspiration!

A Beautiful Handful

If you can’t tell from the pics, we spent our Thanksgiving in the Outer Banks and I was able to sport my new necklace for all to see! I love the little gold detail piece.

You can grab one for yourself, or a gift, in her shop. She also has a super blog where she hosts all kinds of giveaways and has great tutorials. If you buy handmade, I highly recommend her products.

A necklace from Paige
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  1. says

    “BTW – how did you make your header? I love the collage… “

    I just make mine in powerpoint and turn it into a jpeg. I am pretty sure you could find a story board to use to do the same thing too.

  2. says

    “I actually really like your cardigan and top that you’re wearing in these pics– where is it from?”

    The cardigan is from Anthropologie last December and the shirt was a find at TJ Maxx for $4! I love their clearance racks :)

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