Princess for a Night

We are back from a fun filled trip to Disney World!!!!! And we had a blast!

Of course, we had to have dinner with the princesses one night. I decided I wanted to try and make my daughter a dress for it instead of buy one.

She was back and forth between Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, but in the end, Cinderella won.

I made a pattern and then just went for it.

She received a lot of compliments on it, especially from the princesses. All the other girls had on the store bought ones, so she stuck out.

with Belle

With Sleeping Beauty

She was in heaven that night.

With Jasmine

And was completely awe struck when Cinderella came out. She talked like crazy to all the others, but couldn’t say a word to Cinderella.

In awe of Cinderella

So cute! It made my week :)

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  1. says

    Her little dress is amazing (so much better than anything store bought- and I’m sure later in life, more meaningful) The picture with Cinderella is the cutest thing ever! So Schweet!

  2. says

    Your daughter looks absolutely blissful in that dress you made her! That is exactly the look I want to see on my own daughter’s face when I present a handmade Cinderella dress for her to wear on Halloween. Unfortunately, all the patterns I’ve found look pretty much like the cheap costumes sold in stores–yours is so much cuter! I wonder if there is any way you would be willing to share a tutorial on making this dress (or a pattern or at least fabric measurements) some time before Halloween?? I would be so grateful!!

    mrs_apple_juice (at) hotmail (dot) com

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