Project Growth Spurt

Polka Dot Top

We had a little cool weather the other weekend and I discovered that miss J went and had another growth spurt on me. Her shirt was too short in length and in the arms. Her pants came above her ankles. I then tried other “winter” type clothes and it was more or less the same for the majority of them.

Polka Dot Top

So I told her we are hitting my fabric stash and making her some new clothes asap! It’s been a while since I really made her a lot of clothes, but I’m excited to do so. I just have to get used to her new size. It’s so much easier when they are smaller ;)

Polka Dot Top

Last night I made a simple peasant top. I’ve made enough to just know how to do it, but there are good tutorials and patterns out there for these. Instead of elastic in the neck casing, I just did a drawstring. And I used fabric from Ikea which was also exciting to use!

Polka Dot Top
Baby sister liked her in her new shirt. She kept coming over and giving her hugs. Miss E will be needing some clothes soon too. I see lots of clothing sewing in my future.
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