Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple Wedding Bridesmaid Bouquet
Eiffel Tower Wedding Centerpiece
My husband just came in last night from deployment and we only have him for a little bit before he leaves, so I might not be blogging everyday. Today, I leave you with these purple flower centerpieces and bridesmaid bouquets for my brother’s wedding next summer. I made these up to see if they like them. The purple flower vase is like the white ones I’m doing for my friends this summer. They were just a bright purple that I painted darker. There is floral spray paint out there that works great on getting the flowers the color you want them. I’m pretty sure you could use it on real flowers too. The bridesmaid bouquet was simple. I used flowers from my wedding and sprayed them darker. I also got the white calla lilies from Walmart for $.70 for a whole bunch of them, took out the middle, and replaced it with beads (uses hot glue at bottom to keep them in;beads are on wire). I’m going to add more leaves though. Oh, and I added a clear bead to the middle of the roses. Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am. I love seeing our daughter reunited with her daddy.

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  1. says

    i’ve been trying to comment on this all day! i hope it finally lets me! anyway…YAY!!!!!!!!
    thank you so much for all your help! i appreciate & love you so much girl & thank the Lord for you all the time!

    you’re so creative!!!!! :) i can’t believe i’ll actually get to keep ‘em forever. seriously though, i’m glad we’re going ‘fake’!

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