Quick Hair Accessory

Tonight we go to set up for my friend’s wedding. I decided to wear something a little nicer than jeans and a t-shirt. I’m trying to not have that “I’ve let myself go look since I’ve had a kid,” but it’s a lot of work on some days. Anyways, I am going to wear this bright blue adorable top that just screamed for an accessory. I have had these (see below)
Quick hair accessory with fabric covered buttons
laying around to make barrettes for Christmas presents, so I thought I could just use one of them. But, I have no barrettes to make them, nor any glue on hand. Then *ding* (light bulb going off). The parts that you make these fabric covered buttons from have a loop on the back to sew them on to something if you want. I figured I could just slip them on a bobby pin that was already in my hair. So there you go. A super quick hair accessory.
Quick hair accessory:
Now, I must go and give some loving to my little girl. She’s been so irritable this week and has had a fever since yesterday. She needs as much love as she can get right now.

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