Quilt Square 3 Tier Skirt

So I have had these quilt squares for a while. Every now and then I peruse Ebay and try to find random quilt squares I like. I saw these and thought of my daughter. There are a few things that make her very ecstatic. First on the list is stars and close to it is circles. Every time she sees one she goes “O…O…O” because they look like the letter O. I used this tutorial from Kuky Ideas as a help, but since I used 4″x4″ quilt squares, this skirt is shorter. It came out a bit big, but you can’t really notice. Better too big than too small. She wears 18 months, so I used 8 squares on the top row, 9 on the second row, and 11 on the third row. I had a hard time getting good pictures. I eventually just laid her on the floor! See my flickr for more pics.
Can't get a pic of child standing? Lay them on the floor!
Back view of skirt
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    I love the skirt. I showed my girl (5) which one she preferred – the 3 tier plain one or this type, and she prefers this type with the lovely squares. So looks like I will be mkaing one.

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