Rag Quilt Letters Pattern Now Available

I have had a few people email me saying they were having a hard time creating a pattern for the rag quilt letters. So, I figured out how to do PDF files and have the letter patterns here for you to download.

Rag Quilt Letters Pattern Available Now
Enjoy :) Let me know if there are any problems.
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  1. says

    Oh well, this is sooooo kind of you! In the second I saw the link I went quick to it to buy the pattern but then realized I was getting to the 4shared site! Thanks so very much! I would like to make some for my birthday party and this is gorgeous!
    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!

  2. says

    “have not been able to download the pattern, can you please check the file?”

    I’m not sure what might be the problem. I downloaded it and I have a few others who told me they did it fine. Do you have a blocker on your computer preventing it? Or another thing that took me a while to catch on the 4shared site, is when you go to download it says “Thank you for downloading” or something like that, but in a small box it says “In fifteen seconds a link will appear for you do download”. I didn’t catch that at first. If you would like, I can just email it to you if it still doesn’t work. Just let me know :)

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