Refresh Your Step: Day 3

This is a quick on tonight. I’m so tired. We went to the zoo today, as we do every week, but the heat is starting to get bad and they tell me this isn’t even “bad” compared to what is to come. It wiped me out! I was able to get these shots once we got home (and before the thunderstorm that popped in). Again, this is inspired by Maegan’s velcro shoe add on. I just did it for across the toe, instead of up the foot. Although, I have some variations of that to come. Probably tomorrow, as they are done, I just need to take pics. I did this for my daughter’s shoe (ps, wouldn’t this be a cute idea for a flower girl?), but you could use the concept to do all sorts of things, like say, glue on feathers, buttons, ruffles, etc. This is a way to add something that will be removable.
A Birds Eye View

Hot Glue Gun
Needle and thread

1. Measure the length across the toe and height of the toe strap. Then cut that size out of a piece of felt.
STep 1

2. Cut small pieces of velcro. I did two sets for each shoe. Make sure they are long enough to wrap around the strap and attach to each other. The picture shows the velcro before I cut them half.
Step 2

3. Sew on the velcro strips just using a needle and thread, or you could just glue them on. Make sure that one is facing up and the other is facing down so they will connect properly.
Step 3
Step 4

4. Try them on the shoe to make sure it fits properly.
Make sure it fits

From there, I just used a hot glue gun to glue the flowers onto the felt. Then I glued random pearl beads in and around the flowers.

Shoes and Velcro Add OnsClose up of shoe with flowers
Found a flower
Pretty Pretty Princess

Remember, if you have done a shoe makeover yourself, add your pics to the Shoe Makeover Flickr Group, or share a link, etc. in the discussion part of the group. I will be sharing these throughout the week for all to see.
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