Refresh Your Step: Shoe Makeover Day 5

It’s the last day of this series and I leave you with these (then I’m taking the weekend off, but come back Monday for a fun fun fun Anthropologie look a like tutorial!). And I also must say, it’s hard taking pictures of your own feet!

Here are the shoes without the temporary embellishments:

Before embellishments

#1. Feather Tie On

Feather Shoe Embellishment

I found these already made feather pieces at Michaels. I glued on a piece of elastic (which was a hair band that broke on me) to the middle to go onto my toe. Then I glued two small pieces of ribbon to the top to go around my ankle. The shoe doesn’t have an ankle strap, so this keeps it in place.

Feathers from the front
Feathers from the top
Feathers from the side

#2. Lace Tie On

Lace Shoe Embellishment

These didn’t turn out quite like I had visioned, but oh well. I measured how long and wide I wanted it to be on my foot and shoe. I then cut a rectangular piece of felt, glued lace all over the front side. Then I glued ribbon to the top to tie around my ankle and glued a piece of elastic (another broken hair elastic) to the bottom middle to loop on my toe(s).

Lace from the side
Lace from the top

#3. Trim Slip On

Satin Trim Shoe Embellishment

I found this amazing trim at JoAnn’s. I measured how long across the front of the shoe was, then cut the trim to fit. Since these shoes were not strappy, I glued one piece of elastic to it so I could slide it on my shoe. (The elastic is on the bottom, but you can’t tell at all.)

Trim from the side
Trim from the top


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  1. says

    I love that trim in the last photo, that is sharp!

    My daughter has a brand new pair of ballet shoe-style flats (with a sole), and I did what I usually do when I prepped them for her little feet (she’s four), I tied the elastic thingies in a knot and cut off the ends, because you know how those things love to come undone…

    Well, it turns out that on one of the shoes, I didn’t exactly know it, but I didn’t KNOT it, and the ties were lost somewhere inside the shoe, and it has been driving me nuts. I realized last night that if I could do something clever – like a flower applique, or something – then all wouldn’t be for naught, and I could bear for her to wear them, and not be driven mad by the missing ties on that one shoe.

    And then, of all things, I find this post this morning! Perfect! I might even get really creative, and do something with feathers! She will be the most chic little girl at the neighborhood park!

    So, long story short, thanks for a fantastic idea!

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