Refrigerator Chalkboard Vinyl Characters

Another chalkboard project! What can I say? Chalkboard stuff is in right now :) These little guys came about c/o Silhouette.

They now have chalkboard vinyl available to use to create with. It’s 12″ wide so you can make a decent size project. Again, I wanted a project for my daughter, so I thought some creatures to go on the fridge would be fun.

My daughter loves to be around us. She’s not really a play alone type of girl. So this is yet another way of her having something to do while we are in the kitchen cooking or something. She can plop down on the floor and draw on the characters.

I have to say this chalkboard vinyl stuff is pretty awesome. It works very well.

Clean up is super easy!!! And since it’s adhesive vinyl, you can peel it off of most surfaces easily. I plan on taking these with us when we move next week.

I picked a woodland theme for my daughter’s creatures from the Silhouette online store (which is available to those who own a Silhouette through the program it comes with). The machine cut these out beautifully. You could do any kind of creature though. I made the animals about 8″ high and the mushroom was 6″. What kind of creatures would you make?

*Ps…Check out this cute tutorial for a chalkboard vinyl diy they have on their blog here

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