Round Tiered Wedding Centerpiece How To

Round Wedding Picture Centerpieces

Round Tiered Picture Centerpiece How To

Materials (to make one):
-2 12” round cardboard cake bases
-2 10” round cardboard cake bases
-2 6” round cardboard cake bases
-fabric of choice (a yard to be safe, but you don’t really need that much. I really stretched what I had to make I work)
-duck tape
-ribbon of choice (24” for top tier; 36” for middle tier; 42” for bottom tier)
-6 cardboard wallet size picture frames (I found a pack of 5 at the Dollar Tree, but I also had to get some from Michael’s in the wedding department, about $6 for 8).
-Scrapbook paper (or you could use wrapping paper, wallpaper, etc.) to cover the picture frames
-6 empty plastic baby food holders (or something to go in between the cardboard to hold it; I thought about using paper towel rolls cut up at the same length; you will need 3 for the bottom tier, 2 for the second, and 1 for the first)
-Hot Glue Gun
-Paper Glue
-see #9 for the top part

1. Glue the plastic baby food holders in between the two 12” round cake bases. Do this by placing them evenly so it will support t the top layers. See below:

2. Do the same for the two 10” round cake bases and the two 6” round cake bases.

3. Hold the large piece of fabric over each tier, covering the top and coming to the bottom to see how much to cut. You don’t want to waste a lot of fabric, but if in doubt, it’s always better to cut too much than to be short. Cover each tier with fabric and duct tape it to the bottom. I tried to hot glue it, but I burnt myself way to many times. It was a lot easier to use duct tape, which holds very well. I even used white tape, so it matched the fabric. You kind of just play around with it until it goes over the tier the way you want it to.

4. Glue the ribbon around the center of each tier. I used the hot glue gun again because it dries fast. Just be careful!

5. Glue the tiers together with the hot glue gun. I started by putting the middle 10” tier on top of the 12” tier and then the 6” tier on top of the 10” tier. I just eyeballed it and they all came out pretty centered. You can take more time to see if the width is the same all the way around if you want.

6. Prepare the picture frames. I traced the frame onto the scrapbook paper and then cut out it out. To get the middle cut out, I placed what I had cut out on top of the frame upside down, and used a pen to edge the circle part to be cut out. Next, cut out the middle of the paper. I poked the scissors through the middle to make a starting point, and then continued to cut the middle out.

7. Glue the scrapbook paper to the frames with paper glue. It dries fast and holds it on there good. You can place the picture in them after this, or after everything is all together.

8. Hot glue the frames to the tiers. I glued two frames to each tier, but you could do more. I glued the two so that they were opposite of each other on each tier. See top view diagram below:

9. For the top and middle tier, you can glue it on the bottom and the back, but for the bottom tier you can only glue it on the back because the bottom of the frame will be on the table.
Finally, decorate the top. You can put flowers on top, or put a table number like I did. You could put more picture frames on the top, etc. Be creative.

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  1. says

    This is very cool… I’ve been trying to think of a bridal shower centerpiece for an aspiring photographer and this will be perfect. Thanks for posting the tutorial. I think we might put jars w/ candy in them on the top instead of table numbers.

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