Ruffle Necklace Tutorial

Ruffle Necklace Tute
I am sure you all have seen necklaces like this before. This was my “official” inspiration.
My inspiration
I have and always wanted to make myself one, but just got around to it. It took me about ten minutes to make, since I had all the supplies on hand. I think it’s super cute. I like it with “fancier” fabrics, but I’m sure even a pretty cotton fabric would look amazing and more casual.
Ruffle Necklace Tute

-Piece of fabric that is 20″ by 3″ (to look like grey one; the white one I did was an experiment and a hard type of material to ruffle. That one was only 12″ by 4″ and I trimmed it.) But as always, experiment and put your own creativity into it!
-Necklace chain (I just used what I had in my jewelry box)
-Safety pin
-Option: Tool to heat seal fabric if needed

1. Take your piece of fabric and fold it in half with the wrong side facing.

2. Leave a long strand of thread at the beginning (DO NOT BACK STITCH!) and run it through your sewing machine with a large stitch. Leave another long strand of thread at the end (DO NOT BACK STITCH!). Also, make sure the casing (the side where the necklace will run through) is big enough for the chain you are using.

Ruffle Necklace Tute

3. Pull the long thread on the back (that came from the bobbin part of the sewing machine) to create a ruffle. I pulled the threads until it measured 6 inches. Once at desired length, tie a knot on each end with the threads.

4. Put a safety pin on the end of the chain and pull through fabric casing.

Ruffle Necklace Tute

*I also hot sealed the fabrics I used because they fray very easily. So that is an option to consider as well.*

Ruffle Necklace Tute

*If you make one, I would love to see it! Add it to the Flickr group*

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  1. says

    Wow! I love it! I came over on a link from to look at your pearl and ribbon necklace and had to snoop around. I’m glad I did! You make such pretty, clever things! Thanks for the inspiration! : )

  2. says

    I just clicked over from Grosgrain- I don’t normally do ANYTHING “fashion” but this is just amazing! I think I know what my next jewelry project is :) Glad I found you!

  3. says

    This is so pretty, and looks so cool. I’ve been admiring some of the Anthropologie ones and I think this will look nice as well with a grosgrain ribbon in place of the chain. Must make one! (After I buy a sewing machine, after the wedding…so probably in August.)

  4. says

    Hi Jessica, this is my first time to visit your site, and I love your crafts and DIYs! You’re so creative, and beautiful =) I guess I’ll be following your posts from now on =)

  5. says

    I love your necklace! I am making that tonight. I am glad I ran across your blog. Your projects are so pretty…thank you for making the tutorials! It so helps me to learn how to make new things.

  6. says

    oh my goodness, i adore this so much!
    i am totally addicted to ruffles, so this perfect.
    i am not sure what it means to ‘hot seal’ the fabric.
    also, I’ld love to make one like the grey one…what is that fabric?
    thank you so much for sharing this tutorial!

  7. says

    “i am not sure what it means to ‘hot seal’ the fabric.
    also, I’ld love to make one like the grey one…what is that fabric?”

    Heat sealing fabric is done for fabric that frays. The type of fabric I used was some sort of sheer fabric I bought at JoAnn’s. I can’t remember exactly what it was. I use a lighter or candle to heat seal. I just run the edges of the fabric close to the bottom of the flame,enough to melt the edges. Be careful doing this though. I know you can also use a wood burner to do this as well.

  8. says

    This is a really cute necklace, so classy! Depending on the type of chain you use, it could be worn both in the day time with a plain top, or at night, a feature that I love!

  9. says

    I’ve had my eye on this necklace for a while, and think I’ll finally make one, would be so cute for Easter Sunday!

    I’ve also featured this post on my website today, and you can also grab an “I’ve been featured” badge if you’d like.

    Thanks for sharing!! Gorgeous!!

  10. says

    Soooo cute, the best Christmas idea ever getting started this weekend. I “heart” your blog so very much, you always have the coolest things. I am an artsy craftsy person but can never think of things on my own, but can follow a tutorial.


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