Runaways: The Dish & The Spoon (Free Pattern!!!!)

Runaways: The Dish and The Spoon Pattern

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post with a breaking news announcement. Today the local authorities have confirmed that Miss Dish and Mr. Spoon ran away from Mr. Farmers house. This has devastated his whole family, as they were his daughter’s favorite dish and spoon to use.


The police have questioned the cat, the fiddle, and the cow who jumps over the moon, but no one knows for sure why Miss Dish and Mr. Spoon chose to run away. One thing is for sure though, they are on the run.

Lemon Dishsoap

For all of you lemon dish soap users out there, be on the lookout. That type of soap is there favorite and they might be looking for it. Keep your kitchens locked down.

Mr. Spoon

Miss Dish

If you happen to see them, please call 1-800-DishWashers

Side Profile

This is Mary, Quite Contrary, signing off for Nursery Rhyme News. Come back at 10 pm for more groundbreaking stories.

Runaways: The Dish and The Spoon Pattern

Pattern can be downloaded here.
Instructions can be downloaded here.

And *YES* these are going to Shannon ;)

*Please respect the copyright stated on the pattern*

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  1. says

    Not only are the dish and spoon adorable. The reporter gives a great newscast. Thanks for the tip about the dish soap. Oh my goodness me…..I think I just saw them on interstate 10 at the Live Oak overpass yes that was them… they are some kind of fast let me tell you.

  2. says

    Thank you so much for the pattern- this is my very favorite nursery rhyme and have two darling grand-daughters to make them for- cute-cute-cute.

  3. courtney says

    so cute!

    i would love to make one for my daughter but I’m getting an error (says “file is not valid”) when downloading the instructions. HELP!

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