The Scrappy Bee Pattern Giveaway!!!! -CLOSED-

The Scrappy Bee Pattern

I did it! I made my lazy self finish this one up (now to finish the other ones….). This is a pattern for a softie I created a few years ago actually. I made them for a craft show. The pink one found a home, but the blue one did not and was sitting in my closet. A few weeks ago, while in the closet I found him and my daughter was drawn to him like a magnet to the fridge. He became her new cuddly.

Bee Hugs!

After seeing her intense love for the bee, I knew I had to create a pattern so I could make her more (the original ones were free styled). Thus The Scrappy Bee Pattern came into existence. Now you can make one too!

The Scrappy Bee

The Scrappy Bee

The Scrappy Bee

These are the three I made with the pattern and guess what? My daughter immediately fell in love with them also! They sleep in her bed every nap and bed time. She takes them to the store. She takes them to the zoo. Everywhere!

She loves them!

They are really cute though and each has their own personality.

Honey Bee

This one is our little honey bee. He has a sweet tooth just like my daughter.

Sunny Bee

This one likes to buzz around outside and enjoy the sun.

Spelling Bee

This one is the smart one. She’s a spelling bee.

Pretty Bee

And lastly, this little pretty bee likes to find her way into my makeup.

Wonder what type of personality the ones you might make will have? Check out the ones my pattern testers did:

From Corey of “Living and Loving Every Minute of It
From Melissa of “Overwhelmed by His Blessings” & Etsy Shop: Jonah Bonah

Scrappy Bee 2

Jett and Scrappy Bee

Scrappy Bee

About the pattern:
It comes in a PDF format that is emailed. It is full of pictures to go along with the instructions for those who are visual learners :). The pattern and instructions print out on regular sized printer paper scaled and ready to go. It includes a few different ways to make the antennae (crocheted, felt, etc.). The idea is to use scraps of your fabric to create the body and the arms, legs, wings, and head use small pieces of fabric as well. When finished the bee is 19 inches from top of it’s head to the bottom of the legs.


Just leave ONE comment before midnight May 23, 2010 EST for your chance to win!

Pattern will be for sale in the shop as soon as I post a winner on May 24.

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  1. says

    These are really cute and don’t look like they are too hard to make. Wouldn’t mind making one for my little guy too. Nice job!

  2. says

    Goodness gracious — these are soooo cute! I know my sweet little bug would love it! Looks so fun to make too — Awesome! I bet that was a lot of fun to make a pattern for too — :)

  3. says

    Hello Jessica,

    Congratulations, these bees are so sweet, I loved!!!

    I’m waiting for you list this pattern on Etsy again, I want to buy and make one for my daughter.

    Thank You very Much!!!

    Carine Calé

  4. says

    A lovely lovey! Your patterns show such “heart”! Count me in, and call me to be a tester next time, I would be honored!!!


  5. says

    Your bees are so cute. I love all the different personalities, and also that you can make it from scraps, thrifty and satisfying. I hope I win! Thank you for the chance!

    murielvanderploeg at planet dot nl

  6. says

    Would love to win this pattern to make a couple for my little granddaughter so she could take them along with her to the hospital for her upcoming surgery.

  7. says

    What a cute cuddlie that would find its way into any childs heart as it did this child at heart. Thanks for allowing us to enter to win the pattern. Would love to make siome for the grandchildren.

  8. says

    These are so cute, so sweet….
    I would really like to make one for my little girl as birthday present. it´ll be her first softie….
    I hope my Bee will be so cute as yours

  9. says

    oh how sweet!! You did a out standing job with your Scrappy Bee’s. Your daughter is adorable, she seems to really love her Scrappy Bee’s too!! I hope to win too, But if not just looking at your pictures put a smile on my face, Thanks for sharing!

  10. says

    What a gorgeous pattern. And I love their size. Good hugging size for the littlies and a good size to carry around.

  11. says

    I have been looking fore a softie like this that I could make for my cousins’ kids – due to some ridiculous dispute we lost contact with that whole side of the family for 7 years and in the meantime 5 kids were born. I met them all for the first time a month ago – the oldest is 11 and the youngest is 18 months and I think this busy (or buzzy) bee would be perfect for all of them.

  12. says

    I love it. This would make a great semi-beginner project for me. I’ve never made sewing toys for my boys – just crochet so I love the idea of combining the two!

  13. Anonymous says

    Hi! These are so cute, I just adore them. I am NOT crafty whatsoever, I don’t even know how to use a sewing machine :) Are these available for purchase? I work for a doggy daycare, and I have a dog there that I just love named Honey, that we call her Honey Bee..her mom would just love it!

  14. says

    “Are these available for purchase?”

    Thank you for your interest, but my daughter has already claimed these four, but I am always open to doing custom orders. Just email if you are interested in that.

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