Scrappy Plus Sign Baby Quilt

Scrappy Baby Plus Sign Quilt

I didn’t make too many quilts last year, but I’m hoping to change that this year. I have always wanted to make some for family members. I plan on starting them now so then I get them done through out the year instead of trying to wait until September and have them done by Christmas. We shall see how that goes. Ha! I finished up this little quilt last month for a baby present.

Scrappy Baby Plus Sign Quilt

I had no idea what kind of quilt I was going to make at first. I knew that I wanted to try and use only fabric from my stash (which I did! who knew I had so much “boy” fabric? well, except for the back fabric). I also knew many of the pieces I wanted to use were not very big, so I needed the quilt pieces to be on the smaller side to work it all in nicely. I went over to my friends house one day and just starting cutting out 3″ squares.

Scrappy Baby Plus Sign Quilt

I thought about doing a hst quilt, but after looking at them I decided a plus sign quilt was the way to go. I really didn’t plan much at all. I just laid squares out on my bed until I felt it would make a good size. And I still have a big stack of squares leftover. The final size of the quilt once sewn together ended up being 38″ x 44.5″ which is a good size. Small enough for a baby and yet big enough to use until a big kid.


I did a simple straight line quilting and didn’t use any batting because the baby using it lives in Florida where it is warmer most of the year. My friend sent me the sweetest picture below of her little one under the quilt. And guess what? Her other little boy still uses the triangle quilt I made him :) My heart just exploded when I saw this.


Anyone else have some quilts on your list of things to make this year? I can’t wait to get started on all the ones on my list.


Scrappy Baby Plus Sign Quilt
Scrappy Baby Plus Sign Quilt
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  1. says

    Beautiful quilt and beautifully photographed quilt! (Have you considered sending a pic to CraftGossip? They have “best photographed quilts” frequently. You should show this beauty off some more!) I made a large queen-comforter sized strip quilt last year and swore never again. It turned out quite nice, IMHO, but it was a PAIN! It’s been long enough now, though, that I kind of want to make something as gorgeous as this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. says

    Love this, AND the triangle quilt! Just sipping a coffee browsing your blog : )
    Question: how do you prefer to press your seams? Open, opposite each other…? I’m asking around since I’m a newbie to quilting!

    • Jessica says

      Thank you :) As for the seams on this quilt, I pressed them open as much as I could to help even out the seam bulk. I typically just do whatever as I haven’t had a problem with doing one way or another.

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