A Semi-Formal Event

I probably shouldn’t even be doing this, but I had to get out of bed for a minute :) My little one had a stomach bug on Sunday and I was the recipient of it last night. All night long. My wonderful hubby stayed home to watch the little one for me. I haven’t thrown up since I was pregnant and I hate it. Not fun.

Onto what this post is really about. Last Friday night, I attended a semi-formal Coast Guard dinner/event with my husband. My husband was a new chief’s sea lawyer for the the Chief’s initiation (it’s a lot like college stuff in my opinion, lol). So we attended the last and final event which was honoring about 10 new Coast Guard Chiefs.

My belt

I found a dress I loved, but it needed some work. I made a belt for it using this tutorial. The only thing I did different was I sewed them onto the end of the ribbon and just safety pinned it together. I didn’t want the ribbon hanging. I dyed a sweater I had so I wouldn’t have to go out and buy a new one (it was very dull looking).

Full Outfit

Then I hand sewed some ruffles to the neckline for some modesty. I absolutely adore how it came out.


And I leave you with this candid shot. The background was falling and my daughter was eating dirt. Oh the joys of it all :)

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  1. says

    LOL- I love the last shot- dirt in the mouth- I know that all too well. You Look Beautiful!! As always, that color must be in. That is close to what I wore to my hubby’s semi formal work party. Very cool!

  2. says

    Oh my gosh! I love the belt and the ruffle in the dress is such a good addition. I totally thought it was made like that. I love your blog BTW. I have made my dd some very cute stuff. Thanks.

  3. says

    Lol, at first I thought that last pic was suposed to be a dramatic, magazine, type shot- then I read about the backdrop and dirt eating :)

    You look beautiful in that dress!

  4. says

    The ruffles on the neckline – love it. And they way you tied it all together with the flower, belt and sweater… perfect!

    hope you and your little one feel better soon.

  5. says

    HAHA! I thought the second photo’s pose was on purpose too! Just goes to show you are beautiful even when your daughter’s eating dirt! LOVE the dress, great idea with the ruffles on the bust/neckline!

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