Sequin Sweatshirt DIY

Christmas is a go here at the Fediw household. We have decorated and are enjoying all that this time of the years brings. One thing that I am really loving right now is the over abundance of all things sparkly in the fashion departments. I know some might not like it, but I do love sparkles! 
Being a mom to two little ones though makes it kind of impractical to wear anything completely covered in sequins or other sparkly wear like that. Not only would it irritate my girls, who would feel uncomfortable when I held them, but I would feel a little restricted as well because I would want to take extra caution so no threads would come undone causing the outfit to “fall apart”. So I made myself a comfy sort of sequined top to relish in the glitz yet still fit my life style.

Better yet? It took only $8 for me to create this top. And, no sewing required!

You will need:
-A sweatshirt or any shirt really (I found these plain ones at Target for $6)
-Coordinating Single Sequin trim (I bought two because they were half off and I didn’t know how much I would need, but I only used some from one roll; these came from Hobby Lobby)
-Fabric Glue

I wanted the sweatshirt to not look quite so sweat shirty, so I first cut off the trim around the neckline. If you find the sweat shirt too baggy, try taking it in on the sides. Maybe even cut off the cuffs on the sleeves for a more relaxed look as well.

Then I grabbed the sequin trim and started playing around with a design until I found a way I liked it.

Then I put some fabric glue where I wanted the sequin trim to go. I would slowly do this, making sure not to have extra glue on the shirt. I suggest using a thin line to hold it down for less stiffness to occur from the dried glue. Also, if you are using a shirt that is a thin material, I suggest putting a plastic bag or something in the middle of the shirt so the glue doesn’t seep through to the back of the shirt.

 I also suggest having some extra thread on the end at the start and finish of the trim.

To achieve this, just go to the end…..

and pull off one to two sequins so the thread is showing. 

Then once you are done gluing on your design, let it dry, and then trim off the extra threads on the end of the trim.

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    LOVE! I actually had seen cheap sweatshirts at walmart the other day ($5) and I thought “hmm how could I pretty that up?” I decided not to get it because I couldn’t come up with anything…I think this is beautiful and cutting off the neck sure makes a difference! Thanks for the tute!

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