Sewing a Cardigan

Sewing a Cardigan| happy together
Do you ever find a fabric you love and buy it even though you have no plans for it? That is what happened with this piece of Aztek Jaquard fabric. We went over to Texas one day and I swung by Jo-Ann Fabric Store to see what they had. I don’t get over there much, so I knew if I saw something I liked and wanted to sew with eventually it would be smart to go ahead and buy it.

Sewing a Cardigan | happy together
Once I got the fabric home I decided that I would be sewing a cardigan. I got around to doing so the other week and used a sweater I have to create a pattern. The fabric doesn’t have much stretch like my sweater so I had to adjust and make sure there would be room enough for me to fit into it.

A Sewn Cardigan | happy together A Sewn Cardigan | happy together
I barely had just enough fabric to make this! I even had to add length to the sleeves with remnants to make it work. In lieu of the fabric shortage, I left all the edges raw so I wouldn’t need the extra material to create nice finished edges. I personally don’t mind raw edges and I plan on going over them with my serger later. Can you believe I still haven’t unpacked it since we moved in July? Hopefully this project encourages me to get it back out and running. The lack of fabric also made it not possible to add an extra strip that would go down the front sides and around the neck. It creates for an interesting neckline but still looks good to me.

A Sewn Cardigan | happy together I’m thinking I should try and find one of those super large safety pins to secure it to the side when I wear it. Any ideas where to find one?


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  1. ParisGrrl says

    If you search ebay for “extra large safety pin” or “kilt pin” you’ll find all sorts of options.

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