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Lindsay at That’s So Cuegly! gave me a blog award called Share Your FlairShare 3 Fabulous Facts about you!

Here we go…
1. My favorite color is yellow!
2. I have an obsession with sweet tea (it’s pretty bad, in fact I’m drinking some right now!) and coke slurpees
3. This past year I became an SUV driving mom (lol…now I don’t feel left out :)

Share the award with 3 BLOGS that you think SHARE their FLAIR worthily!


(for some reason I couldn’t load down the header, so here is a pic of a refashion on her blog)
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  1. says

    Hey, thank you so much! I’m not sure why my header doesn’t work….maybe ’cause it’s just an uploaded photo or something? Oh well!

  2. says

    hahaha i totally know what you mean, my husband got an SUV for me the other month b/c he doesn’t like the idea of me having a car cos we have rough winters here, he wanted something with 4×4 and I was kind of like “… SUV driving mom lol”

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