She *loves* Candy!


I think that my daughter’s favorite part of this time is the candy. It’s ridiculous. But, I let her indulge in the stuff a few times a year (now, Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter). Last night I quickly made the above dress using this pattern. My daughter had gone garage saling with my mom in the neighborhood when my mom had come at baby’s birth. She found this “cotton candy corn” (that’s what she calls it for some reason) shirt and wanted it made into a dress for fall. I’m glad I remembered last night so she could wear it to school today for their Harvest party :)


This weekend we also went to a Trunk or Treat at a local church. I like those because they do so much for the kids! My big girl went as Rapunzel, after her hair got chopped off.


My mom found this pumpkin outfit at her house that my oldest wore when she was little. So I put it on baby girl. They look so much alike in it! Oh my sweet chubby cheek babies that we make.


We went with some friends and had a really great time! And of course, got lots of candy!

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  1. says

    What sweet cheeks! My girls call pinching baby cheeks “chubbin their cheeks.” Every now and then they will pass by the baby and say “can I chub her cheeks?” and I say sure so they pinch her and go “CHUB CHUB!” Love it!

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