Simple and Quick Updo How To

I was asked how I have done my hair as pictured in previous posts, so here is a quick how to. So you know, this takes me about five minutes to do now. It’s my almost everyday hair style for many reasons (doesn’t take long, looks better than just pulled back, it’s soooo hot right now I am not wearing my hair down!!!)

You will need: Hair gel and bobby pins (lots of them)

1. Start with wet hair. Flip hair over and scrunch with gel. This will help keep the hold, give it some volume, and for those with wavy/curly hair, it will help tame it.
2. Make a side part and grab a section of hair in the front to clip to the side. This will be used to create the front swoop bang look.
Hair How To
3. Visualize the hair on the crown of your head in four columns. You are going to twist and make four “buns” with them. I started with a 1/4 section on top. Take it, twist it, place on top of head like a bun and pin in place.
Hair How To Hair How To
4. Do the same for three more, one on top and two on sides.
Hair How To Hair How To
5. Take the front part that you had pulled away and twist it back. Pin it in place in front and make a bun with the leftover (I just integrate it into what was already done).
Hair How To
6. For the rest of your hair: Just grab sections of hair, twist, and pin down in a bun.
Hair How To
Hair How To
It looks cute with a headband too.

Variation 1: In the necklace tutorial, I just did the front swoop thing and then pinned it all back in one bun.
Variation 2: Do the front swoop thing, then take half top of hair to make bun and take the bottom half of hair to make a smaller bun right underneath of it.

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  1. says

    You know, I was all hot and sweaty today and it was humid and my hair just looked awful and I started thinking about how women used to where their hair up and how I be no woman ever cut her hair short. I wondered why more women don’t wear their hair up in more and that maybe I should try something old fashioned like my great grandmother did with braids and buns but something stylish. You hit the nail on the head. Now I just my hair to get thicker and longer. After having 3 boys, my hair tends to fall out easily. ;) Also, I’m SO happy to see all your tutorials on repurposing items. I love doing that when I can. I’ll certainly give many of these ideas a try in the future. Stop by sometime and say hi!

  2. Anonymous says

    I love this style, but I can’t seem to get it right. How do you feela about making a mini video tutorial?

    *pretty please*

  3. says

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to see the pictures for the hair style? I found your blog back in 2009 and liked the style. Now that my hair is long enough I was wanting to try it. Your site is amazing!


    • says

      Hi Lindi :)
      I’m not sure why they aren’t showing up. I’ll have to figure that out! I did make it so if you clicked on it the picture is viewable on Flickr now. Hope that helps until I can figure it out!

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