Simple Felt Shapes Garland Tutorial

This was so simple to do, that when I was asked how I did it, I knew I would have no problem putting together a quick tutorial. These are super cute and would be great for parties, holidays, etc.

Felt Shape Garlant Tutorial

What you need:
-Embroidery Thread
-Pattern for desired shape (I used a cookie cutter; create one in Word; find free clip art on web; etc).

How to make it:
Cut yarn in desired length.

2. Trace shape onto felt and cut out.

3. Take embroidery thread and knot the end so there’s a loop.

4. Thread through the shape and take the needle through the knot loop to make sure the knot won’t be pulled through the felt.

5. Thread through the piece of yarn. leaving it as long/short as you desire, and double knot.

6. Hang it up.

Seeing Stars

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  1. says

    My son’s 2nd birthday is coming up soon & this would make such a perfect decoration. I can never find anything in the stores to go along with my theme & have only recently begun to do it myself. This is great for a beginner such as me. Thank you so much!

  2. says

    Hola: Muy linda idea para decorar
    y facil de hacer con los chicas justo
    mis hijas se van a reunir con sus
    amigas por San Valentin asi que me voy a poner a hacer con ellas este lindo proyecto que con tanta generosidad compartes.Muchas gracias

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