Sister Sister Dresses

There’s a little myth (or maybe not such a myth) that is said about those who have babies while in flight school (my hubby is training for the Coast Guard). It’s that you will have a girl.

Sister dresses and hair clips

Some say this happens because of the stress.

Tiered dress for little sister

Some say it’s because the way the plane has you sitting near things, it kills the little boy sperms.

Tiered Dress for big sister

Well, whatever it is, I haven’t met a person here that is in flight school who had a baby boy. It’s been all girls. So, another Coastie family that we are friends with down the street just had themselves a little girl.

Fabric Rosette Hair Clips

I made the  baby and the big sis a set of dresses using the Let Freedom Ring Tutorial. I also made two little rosette hair clips. Some of you have made your own Let Freedom Ring dresses lately as well. Here are a few that people shared in the Flickr group or emailed me:

My Let Freedom Ring Dress
Grown Up Version by andimac1 on flickr

Our family on the fourth!

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  1. says

    I was just talking about this ‘myth’ with some other Navy wives last night. Most of the people we know in the helo community have girls too… and here we are pregnant with our second little girl. :)
    Love the matching dresses and hair bows!

  2. says

    They are all sooo precious!!! I LOVE receiving your posts, because I know they will make me smile!!! I haven’t commented nearly as much as I should!!! You are a such a great talent!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    I am a football coaches wife – same type rumor – they call ours the “coaches curse” – and yep – we all have little girls – actually myself and two other wives were all pregnant at the same time and we now all have 3 little girls – who are best friends!!

  4. says

    I have heard of this myth/phenomina… they way esp. if you are at war. When/if you go for another, perhaps the hubby should take a long holiday first? ;)
    …Think I might have to sign my hubby up… I have 2 boys.

  5. says

    So funny! My husband is a Coastie too…never been to flight school. He is part of a Port Security Unit…and we have 2 boys! He is headed off for another deployment so maybe we will beblessed with a girl when he returns! :) Adorable dresses!

  6. says


    The fabrics were a fat quarter bundle from JoAnn’s. There were 4 different ones in it, or maybe 5? I get most of my fabric there or Hobby Lobby because I don’t usually like to wait for fabric in the mail lol

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