Skirt Week: The Overskirt Tutorial

The Overskirt Tutorial

It’s getting hot here and we are rocking the bright summer colors! We are also having fun with layers. So I used this layering love to create a type of skirt for Skirt Week over at Crafterhours.


There are lots of tutorials, giveaways, and a skirt contest going on over there! You should check it all out and enter a skirt in the contest too :)

The Overskirt Tutorial

I don’t know about you, but we have a lot of the fluffy petticoat skirts. Whenever I see them on sale, I’ll grab a color we don’t have. With another little girl, I know they will get lots of use. We usually layer with those skirts, so I figured why not add another fun layer with an overskirt?

The Overskirt Tutorial

This overskirt could go over just pants/leggings, a dress, or a skirt. It doesn’t take long to make but can add a fun impact to an outfit.

The Overskirt Tutorial

The ribbon can be changed out to match an outfit or style. You could use tulle, fabric, a scarf, any type of fabric thing that is long enough really.

The Overskirt Tutorial

I made the skirt just long enough so that the petticoat could poke out at the bottom. It looked cute as she did her bounce walk (yes, my daughter bounces when she walks….she’s always bounced ever since she was little. So much energy!)

The Overskirt Tutorial

To make one yourself, you will need some fabric to begin with.


To determine the size of the fabric, you will need a length and width.
The length will = (2 x desired length) + .5″. The .5″ is for seam allowance.
The width will = waist measurement x 2

So for example…… I wanted it to be 11″ in length and my daughter’s waist measured 21″.
Length= (2×11)+.5″= 22.5″
Width= 21×2= 42″


Now grab your iron and on each side of the length of the fabric, turn in 1/4″ and iron.


Then turn in 1/4″ one more time and iron again. Sew down the sides to keep it in place.


Now take your piece of fabric and fold it in half length wise, right sides facing. The seams you just sewed will be on the edges. Sew the top together, but leave an opening in the middle for turning. Then start sewing a little further down on each side and continue to sew towards the bottom at a curve. Now, make sure you start sewing down far enough that there is room for your choice of ribbon/fabric to go through. That is where the casing will be. Trim off the extra fabric on the bottom sides.


Turn right side out through the top opening that you left open. Then push in the raw edges at that opening, iron them down, and sew across the whole top. Then sew across a little further down where you determined the casing to be.


Now you have a place to put the ribbon through.


Take your ribbon and place a safety pin in the end. Put it in one end of the casing and pull through to the other side.


Trim the ends and heat seal (just run over the edge of a candle flame quickly). Then you just put it on, tie in place, and adjust the gathers so they are even.

The Overskirt Tutorial
It was a pleasure to be a part of Skirt Week! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it Susan and Adrianna :)
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  1. says

    That fabric reminds me of the stuff I just used to make a maternity maxi skirt from! (Except mine was red).
    She looks so cute – love that last shot of her jumping and winking. Life must be full of energy with her around. :)

  2. says

    Cuuuute! I have an 9 month old boy, but I might just make this for me instead. Can I say I love your daughter’s hat with that outfit? She’s got spunk!

  3. says

    By looking over through the post, everyone can learn a lot about skirts with the tips and most especially with the competition. Contests just helps push a person to think and be clever about the creativity level because of course, it’s a competition that will help prove competency.

    • says

      Thanks Jen :) The fabric was actually a yard sale find, which made me very happy :) And it’s actually not a knit, some kind of drapey fabric. Probably from the apparel fabric section. I have used it on a few projects and love it! I’m almost out of it though :(

  4. says

    I love this idea and would appreciate pinning it so I don’t forget the instructions, but every time I try to pin it, all the images that have anything to do with the tutorial are blocked. Do you prefer people not use pinterest with your site? If not, that’s fine… I’ll just have to do the good old-fashioned method of bookmarking! lol
    Otherwise, if you know how I can pin this, let me know. I tried when you originally published this post, and then saved the link and have tried several times since. It still doesn’t work. :(
    I love your site and all your ideas. You are very creative! (I think your double-sided fabric headbands were my first sewing project!!!) :-)

    • says

      Okay, so I have figured it out :) SO, I had all of my pics on flickr copyrighted. I just changed it to creative commons so they can be shared and that fixed it. It didn’t used to cause them to not be pinned, but I guess Pinterest took that extra step to help people protect their work. Whew. They make things so difficult sometimes, but I appreciate it ;)

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