Is it really Monday already? Today we said goodbye to my parents who were visiting for a few days. They get to come about twice a year, so I always take time away from blogging and stuff to spend with them. It was so fun to have them here, but since I didn’t get much else done, I figured I would share some snapshot from my instagram feed. While my parents were here, we went over to Houston for a day to visit some of my favorite stores. See that chandelier above? An amazing piece that was at Anthropologie. I should have just taken pictures of everything there. It always inspires me so!
I also got to go to an Ikea for the very first time. I was in awe. It’s amazing! I could have spend a whole day just in there! I plan to go back soon :) I wish it was a little closer though.
We have also had lots of fall activities going on around here as well. I took the girls to a local craft show and we bought some pumpkins and local honey.
Miss J had her very first field trip to a kind of local farm. Even miss E got in on the fun!
Soccer season is still going on (although I would be lying if I said I’m ready for it to be over! lol). It’s just we have no mornings off right now. Monday through Friday we get up early to get miss J to school and then on Saturdays it’s early soccer games. Then we go to early service on Sundays, so I’m ready for slow Saturdays again.
We were blessed with a few cool days/nights and broke out the fire pit. It’s been hot again, so I’m awaiting those cooler days to visit once more.
Found a pretty butterfly.
Miss E has been making this adorable face as of late. It’s so funny! She does it so often and it helps get her out of a fussy mood (half the time ;). 
The mister and I got to go on a crabbing date! We caught quite a few and they were yummy. It was interesting trying to crab at night to say the least.
We also took advantage of my parents being here to help us capture some Christmas family pictures. We got some good one and I can’t wait to get them all jazzed up. I probably won’t share until December, but it feels good to get them done early. I’m hoping to do some catch up in the sewing room soon, especially since Christmas is coming up. I have a big list I need to accomplish :)

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