A Sneaky Little Rainbow

This morning on our way to church I wanted to snap some pics of my daughter in a dress I made her. I made a bunch more for her cousins who went to Disney over Thanksgiving break and wanted her to have one as well.

Tonight I went to open up the pics and lo and behold most of them had caught a little rainbow from the sunlight.

It was such a nice surprise! I was also surprised some of these came out okay because princess would not stop moving for me! The little stinker :)

And for her cousins I made these:

The younger girls got a shirt and leggings.

I simply cut off the bottom of t-shirts and added the fabric.

I did the same thing with the leggings. I just cut off the bottom and added the ruffled fabric.

I did a circle applique with a Minnie Mouse silhouette applique on top (I found the silhouette doing a google image search). Then I added a simple little bow to it.

Then for the two older girls, I just added fabric to the bottom so it would be a more mature Minnie Mouse inspired top. I wasn’t quite sure it they would want the applique on their clothing at their age :)

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  1. says

    love it! a few bucks in supplies and bam, you have a boutique outfit! In my area little girls are all decked out each day (add a huge hair bow) like that and their parents are spending big bucks on those outfits!

  2. says

    Those are all so beautiful! You did an amazing job. And the rainbow was a beautiful surprise!

    As a side note, I also love your little one’s pink shoes with the bow in the back, do you mind my asking where they are from? Thanks!

  3. says

    UBee, They are from Old Navy :)


    I couldn’t get the comment to work on your blog, so I hope you get this:

    Eek!!! They are just adorable!!!!! And the dresses came out super cute :)

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    Is this too hard for a beginner? Do you have a tutorial for how to do this or could you recommend what size to cut the fabric? Also, do you have a tutorial for an appliqué like that one for a beginner? Thank you!

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