So, I have a new favorite top…

What can I say? I’ve just been on a sewing binge lately. I made this top two nights ago and just had to share this one before the other two I have made. Why? Because this is my *favorite*.

Update: Find the tutorial here.

Last post I said I wanted to make some knit maternity clothing because so far I had just used cottons. Well, I was walking around and Walmart and decided to check out their $5 for 5 yds of fabric rack. I’m usually wary of this rack because a lot of the fabrics are cheap, but I saw this ribbed knit one. I felt it, smelled it, opened it, and gave it a good check. I fell in love with it (well not literally).

It was a pretty color (and it has stripes but you can’t really tell too much. they are subtle) and I knew it would be perfect for something.

Then I remembered how I had adored this top from Anthropologie.

I then interpreted it into this wonderful little knit top for me. I just used a shirt I have as a reference when cutting the fabric and had at it.

It came out wonderful. Didn’t have to redo a thing. Now those sewing times are the times I REALLY like. And now I have plenty left over to make something wonderful for my daughter and the baby girl on the way! I think I might give it a try again when I’m not pregnant in some light airy fabrics, more like the Anthro top.

Ready to relax

Now I’m going to relax tonight and spend some time listening to worship music while the little one is already asleep in her bed. I love quiet nights. Enjoy yours!

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  1. says

    What a lovely shirt! What does the back of the top look like? Are the armholes finished or are the edges raw? Sorry for so many questions, I’m just thinking of making something similar. Trying to overcome my fear of knits by working with them more!

  2. says

    “What does the back of the top look like? Are the armholes finished or are the edges raw?”

    I did the back top and front to come right below my chest and then did two pieces for the bottom. The top back looks just like a regular tanktop. It comes up high. The bottom is serged but for the armholes and the neckline where there isn’t that extra pieces, I sewed on a band of knit fabric.

    Let’s see if I can explain that (ex: I measured the armhold. Then I cut a piece of knit fabric, stretch going horizontal, to that length and about 1.5″ high. Then I sewed the short ends together, right sides facing. Then I folded the fabric tube in half short ways, making sure the sewed edge was on the inside. Then I pinned it onto the armhole edge, raw edges together. I sewed it on, turned the band out and ironed. I then pushed the seam allowance in towards the shirt and sewed it in place. Where I sewed was really close to the ditch of where it was sewn together.

    Hope that helps. I’ll try to get some close up pics :)

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    You are crazy talented!! I can sew a little, but haven’t tried clothing, except for skirts, dresses and pants for my little ones. Simple patterns. Maybe I can learn a thing or two from you ;-) Thanks for sharing!!

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    Oh, this looks so nice and comfy!
    What kind of knit is it and is the top part made of double layer?
    I wish I had a courage to try this kind of shirt also but it is so much easier to make clothes for kids :-).

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    Jess! You look Gorgeous! :) And that is an amazing top!!! I Love, Love, LOVE it! Think you’d like to do up a pattern? I think it could work really well Not as a maternity top – just with the bottom bit re-worked. Oh you are a clever chicky! :)

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    You look amazing and the shirt turned out gorgeous. Great job! I hope some day I can just whip out a shirt like that. Baby steps.

  7. says

    I am 17 weeks preggo and I am LOVING you clothing choices these days. I can’t wait to use these as inspiration for myself. Keep up the great work!

  8. says

    I WANT THAT. I’m not pregnant, but I still look it, lol. Maternity clothes still fit me best.
    If I attempted that, it’d be winter before it was done.

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    This is totally amazing, I can’t believe you just whipped that up! I found your blog through Grosgrain and I’ve had so much fun browsing through some of your incredible stuff, thanks for the inspiration. You’re one talented lovely lady:-)

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