Soda Cozy Tutorial

Happy Valentines Day to you all :) We just had a girls day here. My mom is visiting for a bit while the hubby is out to sea, so it’s been fun. We had beautiful weather, a wonderful church service, a yummy lunch, and some fabulous shopping! I even had time to rake the front yard and fix up the flower bed a bit. I say that’s my workout for the day! Whew!

Soda Cozy Tutorial

This tutorial has nothing to do with Valentines Day, but I wanted to share it. A while back when I made coffee cup cozies, Ashley commented about what about the diet coke drinkers? I put it on my list. I made this just for her and wanted to make sure she got it before I posted about it. It’s really simple and it probably could work for coffee cups too ;)

What you need:
13 x 3.5″ of fleece (or whatever fabric you want to use; just make sure it can be shirred)
-a piece of fabric 13 x 2.75″
-elastic thread for shirring

How to do it:
1. Place the piece of fleece right side up.

2. Place the piece of fabric on top middle of it right side up, matching up the sides. Pin in place.

3. Put elastic thread on your bobbin for shirring and shirr the two layers for a couple of rows. I did quite a few.

4. Then push the fabric top down and shirr underneath of it at the top and bottom.

5. Place the two short ends together, right sides facing, and pin. Sew that side together.

All done. Now it’s ready to adorn some one’s soda can.

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  1. says

    Very cute! I’ve been thinking about trying shirring because my shop has a couple of cute girl’s patterns that have a shirred bodice. This is a great intro project so I don’t “waste” the elastic thread. Yippee!!


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