Something Old and a Lot of New Headband Tutorial

Hello from Florida! I’m back, well I have been for a few days, but my parents surprised me and came back with us! While they have been here, I focused on some alone time with my hubby (hurray for dates!) and really cleaning the house. I keep it clean, but I mean really getting down and scrubbing hard. I don’t like to use my free time (when they are gone) to deep clean, so I try and wait until they can watch the little one for me. It’s been fun. I’ll be sad to see them go, but I’ll see them again soon. Here is a little headband tutorial for you. I saw this headband at Tarina Tarantino and I immediately thought of this vintage pin I had. I figured it would be the perfect thing to use it for. It’s just been sitting around waiting to be used. I really love how it turned out.

All done!

***If you make one, Please Post it in the FLickr Pool so I can see the wonderful things you do!***

What you need:
-Hot Glue Gun
-Vintage Pin (or whatever you want, or you could even just put the flower on and call it a day)

What you need

1. Glue ribbon onto headband on bottom of one side. Wrap the ribbon around the headband, but glue it on about every wrap around. It will help make it secure.

2. Cut two pieces of ribbon. One that is 9 inches and the other is 10 inches. Glue them together to create a circle.

3. Glue the middle of each ribbon circle together.

4. The the smaller ribbon piece onto the middle of the bigger one.

5. Glue on the flower. I took out the middle part and a bunch of the petals from the bottom and top until I liked the size of it.

6. Glue the ribbon/flower piece onto the headband. I glued mine to the side, but you can put it wherever you like. I also cut another small piece of ribbon to be glued over the big messy glue part I made while gluing the ribbon/flower on.

7. Add on the vintage pin (button, rhinestone, whatever you like). I just pinned mine on because I wanted to be able to take it off if I wanted. You can of course glue it on as well.

All done!!!!

Isn't it lovely?
On me :)
Me sitting in our new glider! Thanks dad for putting it together for us!
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  1. says

    Oooohhhh…gorgeous! This is a great idea and I’ve got a few vintage/old brooches which I’ve been wondering how to upcycle. Thanks so much!

  2. says

    Super cute! I just found a vintage pin and made a purse to go with it. Maybe I can switch it up and use it in a headband. I wear one every day, that would be totally cute.

  3. Anonymous says

    Wow, I love how you did this, and the others are right, it only adds to the beauty of this headband that you are so pretty and like someone else said, your skin is very pretty. Okay, that almost sounds stalker-ish, so let me say I’m a 45 yr old happily married woman, lol. I just appreciate how stunning your skin is (and the momma in me wants to remind you to use sunscreen to keep it that way, lol). Thanks for the lovely tutorial. :) Jenny

  4. Anonymous says

    Jesteś piękna, a Twoje prace są super, mam nadzieję,że uda mi się choć jedną rzecz stworzyć…Pozdrawiam Kasia

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