A Special Blessing

About a week and a half ago, I was honored to take maternity pics for my friends. I’m so happy and blessed to have people like them in my life (thanks for letting me do this you two!)


I was a little worried at first that I would have a super hard time with it being right at the suns peak time, but we made it work. I toted them around to a few different locations to try out. We went to a field with these pretty white flowers, an old farmers market (orange building) that had a field behind it with the tall grass, a dead end street, and my house.


I feel like each time I do a photo shoot like this I’m finding out more of who I am and what my style is when it comes to photography. This learning photography road is going to be long, but I’m enjoying it. I really do have a lot of fun doing it.


I also feel extra connected to this pregnancy which made it even more of an honor to do. We met them when we first moved here and our friendship with them just took off (he’s in the Coast Guard with my hubby). When we met them, they were trying to have a baby and they were a bit sad it wasn’t happening.


They had gone to the doctor and nothing was “wrong”, but it had been a long time and they had moments of wondering if it might not happen. I remember praying with and for my friend a lot. I knew how much she wanted to be a mommy and him a daddy.


Months later, I had a dream. In this dream, my friend had sent me a picture of herself with a little girl. It was her daughter. She looked more like her daddy (dark hair, olive skin) and she was about 4/5 years old in the dream. I wrote this down and I told my friend I had a dream but I didn’t tell her the specifics. I just said what I had felt in my heart very strongly for a while, that God was going to come through for them.


That He would give them the desire of their heart. A little later she was at my baby shower and made a comment about being the only woman there who was childless. We rode home together and she shared how she had completely given it to God and was just not going to even really pray about it anymore.


Little did she know that at that very moment she was pregnant!!!!!!! She called a few weeks later to share the good news to us!


I then told her I had had the dream about her being pregnant and I didn’t want to share what the child was just to see what would happen. Well, wouldn’t you know, they are having a girl! And I bet that she is going to look like her dad too :)

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    What a precious story! I’m so happy for them and I don’t even know them! (And the photos are lovely too, I need to get some pretty family pictures taken…)

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    How cool! Love this precious story. Love the photos + your photography style. Beautiful. My sister started off with photographing friends and family and is self taught. She now has a photogrsphy business and does an *amazing* job. (inspiration: debraeby.com) I think you’re only going to get better and better, too!

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    Your photos are beautifully styled, taken, and edited. They belong in a magazine! What program do you use to edit your photos? Wow!
    :) Cameron – a fan in Alabama

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    What a beautiful photo shoot, you did a great job. I love the feel of them and of the editing.
    And what a beautiful story, put tears in my eyes. I can relate. We weren’t supposed to have #1 and we were shocked and delighted to be pregnant. Then it was years before much-desired #2 came along, and it wasn’t until after I gave it up to God and got to that same place that your friend was that we got pregnant with her. I had no thoughts in my mind at all about a third, but wouldn’t you know it, I’m in my second trimester right now and #2 is only 14 months old!! I laughed and laughed and laughed when I found out. I should try and find a name that means something about laughter…

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    Wow, that could be my story. We tried for over 3 years before God blessed us. Doctors said nothing was wrong…it just wasn’t happening. Then we finally just gave it up to God and a few months later, He gave us identical twins! Beautiful photos and a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing!

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    God is so gracious! Thanks for sharing their story. I wish you the best as you pursue photography. You are a creative gal, so I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

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