It is day 2 in the series of “Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice.” The outfit is made for my little one and the headband is posted in my shop. Hope you find today’s posting inspiring as well.

Spice- A girl playing with spices

Spice Headband on Child
The color focus of this project was green.

Wanting to get the spices out of the jars...

I used an old fleece shirt I had from Old Navy to make this top for my daughter.

"Kind of hot for this shirt mom"

Unfortunately, the photo shoot wasn’t so successful because it’s been rather hot here lately and she was not happy being in fleece in the sun.

Green Fleece top for my daughter

It is based on an adult shirt I saw somewhere and had to make for her. I blanket stitched the edges of the front pockets and around the neck scarf piece. I designed this pattern just for her. It’s a bit big right now, so I might take it in a little bit.

These became "her" spices today

The headband is covered in a green ribbon. It has a scalloped piece of off white felt with embroidered edges on top, which has beautiful green and off white felt flowers. Some have vintage buttons/beads in the middle.

Spice Headband on Adult

It is up for sale in the shop.

Other Side of Spice Felt Flower Headband

It can fit an adult and a child’s head.

Side of Spice Felt Flower Headband

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  1. says

    It’s soo cute! That little girl is going to be quite the fashionista one day! : )

    The button I used on my ribbon ring was actually a leftover button from a sweater I bought. I love it too!

  2. says

    “How do you start, by picking apart all the existing seams?”

    It depends on what I am doing, but usually no. For my daughter’s things, I just place the pattern pieces strategically onto the existing piece of clothing. Then I use the extra pieces to make things like collars, pockets, etc.

  3. says

    hi Jessica, i am Sushma from India,i was carelessly browsing when i came across your blog. i just loved it and trust me i in love with your work…
    gawd you are sooo talented and both mother and daughter are so pretty, can’t really tell who is prettier.
    i am so inspired with your work.. you must take it further lady.. you will do really well in the feild of fashion.. i simply love you!! all the best!

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi ladies jessica
    I from France
    My name is arzu (desire):)21 years old
    I love you too
    very nice blog very cute baby:)
    I do not know English:)
    love to offer

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